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Water, we were always told, is the healthiest drink. But some brands are better for you than others 20 Comments

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With the Water Codex III* under our belt and Dr Lanalle Chapman Dunn, naturopathic physician at Medi-Clinic’s expertise at hand, Anna Whitehouse checks out the best H20 for you. (*The higher the Water Codex, the better the taste).


Dhs15 for 500 ml
Sodium: Not declared
Chloride: 19 mg per litre
H2-Oh: ‘This should be fine. It’s a little concerning they don’t have the sodium levels on there, but the chloride is nothing to worry about other than a little bloating.’
Water Codex: 40
Time Out: ‘There’s a weird air of citrus, bordering on the chemical’
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Dhs3 for 600 ml
Sodium: 16 mg per litre
Chloride: Not declared
H2-Oh: ‘The problem with sodium is that it increases thirst and needs to be offset with an adequate balance of electrolytes. There’s no concern here, although again, they should declare the chloride.’
Water Codex: 32
Time Out: ‘If anything a little bit metallic, but not bad overall’
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Dhs2 for 500 ml
Sodium: 3.3 mg per litre
Chloride: 1 mg per litre
H2-Oh: ‘If you suffer from water retention, this is a great water. It’s also good for anyone with blood pressure issues.’
Water Codex: 42
Time Out: ‘A good little thirst quencher’
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San Pellegrino

Dhs24 for 1.5 litres
Sodium: 36.1
Chloride: 57.5
H2-Oh: ‘Soda waters can decrease calcium, so anyone with osteoporosis or women going through menopause should drink in moderation.’
Water Codex: 44
Time Out: ‘The Kate Moss of water bottles. And it tastes decent too’
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Super Gulf

Dhs5 for 1.5 litres
Sodium: 30 mg per litre
Chloride: 45 mg per litre
H2-Oh: ‘If something tastes bitter it’s usually not a good sign.’
Water Codex: 12
Time Out: ‘If the label doesn’t put you off, the taste will. Only for emergencies’
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Dhs24 for 750 ml
Sodium: 1.9 mg per litre
Chloride: 5.2 mg per litre
H2-Oh: ‘Again, the sodium and chloride levels are low here, so anyone suffering water retention would be good on this water.’
Water Codex: 42
Time Out: ‘Watery with H20 overtones and a very real sense of wetness. Tasty.’
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Dhs8.50 for 500 ml
Sodium: 1.2 mg per litre
Chloride: 0.6 mg per litre
H2-Oh: ‘Oxygenated water is a bit of a fad. If it was pumped with ozone then that would make a difference because it negates the effects of nitrates.’
Water Codex: 38
Time Out: ‘It tastes like a breath of fresh air’
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Dhs2 for 500 ml
Sodium: 20 mg per litre
Chloride: 60 mg per litre
H2-Oh: ‘This is fairly high in sodium and potassium, so again bloating is likely to occur.’
Water Codex: 10
Time Out: ‘Nothing much to report other than a faint chemical after taste’
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Dhs5 for X ml
Sodium: 6.5 mg per litre
Chloride: 6.8 mg per litre
H2-Oh: ‘I drink Evian. It’s full of minerals that quite a few Dubai waters (other than Masafi) tend to lack.’
Water Codex: 34
Time Out: ‘A well loved brand, but tastes similar to Masafi.’
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Dhs24 for 500ml
Sodium: 3 mg per litre
Chloride: 5 mg per litre
H2-Oh: ‘This sounds like it’s worth its price tag. Both sodium and chloride levels are low and equal and will reduce bloating.’
Water Codex: 58
Time Out: ‘Earthy, full, but soft… it’s like it’s come from the ground’
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Dhs2.50 for 1.5 litre
Sodium: 10 mg per litre
Chloride: 47 mg per litre
H2-Oh: ‘I would drink Masafi – I prefer it to Aquafina. It’s because the former is packed with good minerals.’
Water Codex: 34
Time Out: ‘Tastes like Evian’
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Acqua Panna

Dhs24 for 1.5 litre
Sodium: Not declared
Chloride: Not declared
H2-Oh: ‘The mineral levels should be on the label. Again, this is soda water, so I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with osteoporosis or the menopause.’
Water Codex: 48
Time Out: ‘Surprisingly dry in taste but with a hint of earth about it’
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All tastings are based on The San Pellegrino and Acqua Panna Water Codex III and are intended as a guide only. Call The harbour Hotel & Residence’s restaurant, Azur (04 319 4794) for more information.

By Anna Whitehouse
Time Out Dubai,

User reviews:

Posted by: ruby falls on 25 Feb ' 15 at 11:32

I am sorry to say that the delivery of Al Ain water and the customer service are terrible. I made a mistake to buy 20 coupons in November 2014 and as of today Feb 25th, the delivery truck came 5 times only to change my empty bottle that i keep in front of my door along with te prepaid coupon. I filed multiple complaints and no action was taken. I discontinued the service and lost 12 coupons which they will not refund. SOLUTION: go with NESTLE or MASSAFI!

Posted by: beth on 22 Oct ' 14 at 17:21

Edited by

why is there no mention of added FLUORIDE? FLUORIDE is harmful, yet still added to drinking water, even here in Dubai's bottled waters! This is a disgrace. Fluoride lowers IQ in children and is a know neurotoxin, yet no one mentions it. Is there a bottled water in Dubai that DOES NOT add fluorid? Can you please let us know. Many thanks

Posted by: salma on 23 Oct ' 13 at 05:17

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I feel it is better to have bottled water. Why should we take risk by using tap water? Bottled water from popular brands are well available in Dubai.

Posted by: Oxana on 07 Oct ' 13 at 06:55

It is very important to know that sodium level is not the first thing to check on water bottle, it is Total dissolved Solids, balance of minerals.

Nord Water is a spring water from Finland with good TDS combination, UNESCO ranks Finnish water as the best water in the world! World Water Development report (by UNESCO) stated that Finnish water is #1 in purity level.

Try it out yourself!


Posted by: Kat on 09 Jun ' 13 at 16:44

How about Magnesium and Silica content?

Posted by: Sar on 19 May ' 13 at 06:23

Aqua Panna soda water?!? Did they even try these water???? Aqua panna is recommended for babies! Please get your info right before writing an article!!!

Posted by: Jack on 15 Apr ' 13 at 18:19

Edited by

A shame there's no volcanic, highland spring, nestle, Al ain, oasis now these are really good waters

Posted by: Alia on 09 Feb ' 13 at 15:27

Masafi and evian are th best of all

Posted by: mark on 21 Jan ' 13 at 07:35

Spring Aqua from Finland is not on the list .. cheaper than evian and waaay better

Posted by: Samantha on 14 Oct ' 12 at 12:25

OASIS water is not on this list?
Firstly, NONE of the waters you find in the UAE are from natural sources! Including Masafi.

Oasis water has recently launched a new lightweight 500ml which is ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY and has a sodium count of 8mg. I have recently switched to Only Oasis because of this.

In my opinion, Oasis tastes much better than Evian and Masafi.

Posted by: Yehia Shihabi on 21 Aug ' 12 at 06:43

It it great effort from you and I thank you so much for this important research, actually this is one of the most things I'm thinking of these days.
I appreciate if you send me to my email your evaluation for Nestle & Al-Ain drinking water. Are they from natural source such as Masafi & Evian?

Best Regards,
Yehia SHihabi

Posted by: Amit on 12 Jul ' 12 at 12:47

Tap water in the UAE is "completely safe to drink" and residents "shouldn't rely heavily on bottled products", - the Emirates Environmental Group. Its quite a shame that the bottled water scam in U.A.E is probably the largest in the world.

Posted by: steve on 04 Jun ' 12 at 09:59

well , all these water doesn't mention the nitrate fact

which is the composition causing cancer ( on long terms of course )

this is my profession , and beside the imported water , such as aqua panna which is considered to be the best out of them all

evian has a lot of nitrate even if you compare it to the local water

there is no water of uae that is actually not being made out of the sea water even masafi , this is the truth
so all local water are actually made and treated out of the sea water

Nestle considered to be the best out of the local water , nothing else and this is after imported water which is basically spring waters or glacial waters

any concern about that , will be glad to assist
my email :

Posted by: jean-pierre on 15 Jan ' 12 at 08:42

Sorry but nobody beats Badois

Posted by: sam on 17 Dec ' 11 at 10:53

Good article. how about Oasis water?

Posted by: Peter on 04 Dec ' 11 at 10:15


Great article.

What about pH values?

How important is it to consider in choosing for drinking water?


Posted by: Vaishali on 25 Sep ' 11 at 07:19

Comparison between bottled water and water purified through water filters with Reverse Osmosis is requested. Is water purified from such filters safer than bottled water we get in Dubai ?

Posted by: Nauman on 29 Jul ' 11 at 10:48

I believe only Masafi and Evian come through natural source, rest are all treated water

Posted by: Liz on 04 Jul ' 11 at 06:22

interesting article! Surprised not to see Volvic on the list though...

Posted by: Ann on 05 Mar ' 11 at 22:31

Good to know what you drin :)

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