How to fix frizzy hair in Dubai this summer

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Are your tresses buckling under the heat and humidity of summer? Angela Beitz finds out what you can do to stamp out frizz and tries a new innovative treatment for unmanageable locks.

We all know that old familiar feeling; summer hits and your hair begins to resemble a lank, distressed mess. To add to the dire situation, de-frizzing treatments can be costly and hard to maintain. We spoke to Ilyn Macarilay, hairstylist and Kerastase Ambassador at Sisters Beauty Lounge to get some desperately needed help on this troublesome state of affairs.

‘It is quite common for hair to frizz in the summer due to humidity levels. Especially in Dubai, humidity is high so many people will see their hair become dry. The water can also make hair frizzy as it contains high amounts of chlorine,’ says Macarilay, who added that preventing the frizz ball effect starts with washing and mustn’t just stop there.

‘When washing hair, use cool water for the second wash, instead of warm. This will help to close the hair cuticle, which in turn will decrease frizz as heat on hair opens the cuticle. For frizzy hair, it is best to let it dry naturally when you can. Once hair is towel-dried, apply a serum such as Kerastase lixir and then leave to dry.

‘However, with oily hair, you first need to decide if the problem is all over or just at the roots.

‘If just the roots of your hair are oily (and scalp is normal or dry), use a shampoo such as Bain Divalent from Kerastase and only blow-dry your hair on cold as heat makes the scalp oilier. These shampoos will regulate excess sebum and cleanse your scalp, leaving your hair soft and cleansed. But don’t overload your hair with products as it will add excess oil.’

The main cause of hair frizzing is dryness. Dry hair can also be caused by your body having a lack of essential acids which in turn results in dehydration, so Macarilay recommends drinking plenty of water.

‘If you tend to colour your hair the chemicals used can also dry it out, so a mask is vital. Use a hair mask once or twice a week to tame frizz and leave your hair smooth and shiny.’

By Angela Beitz
Time Out Dubai,

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