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5 to try: Couples spas in Dubai

Get treatments for two with these Valentine's Day spa deals in Dubai

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11 body and mind events this week

Yoga on the beach and more January offers at Dubai spas

How to stop grinding teeth

Dental expert on the knock-on health effects of this bad habit

Do Reebok Cardio Ultras really work?

Reebok's latest trainer is designed specifically for your Body Pump class

Dubai wellness news

New flotation centre in Dubai and a new hair care oil

Budget beauty in Dubai

Seven super treatments for less than Dhs70 in Dubai

Cellulite cream in Dubai

A new cellulite-blasting claims, somewhat confusingly, to be Oscar-winning

Dubai wellness news

A fancy new hair brush, skincare sins to avoid and early Valentine's deals

11 best wellness events in Dubai this week

Free yoga, belly dancing lessons, healthy diets and more

Best wellness events this week

12 special offers at Dubai spas to get you focussed on a great new year

Dial A Nail in Dubai Marina

We check out the new 'spa-deluxe' for an express mani-pedi

Dubai wellness news

Farewell to a favourite spa and try some new year beauty bargains

5 detox deliveries in Dubai

Juice cleanses and liquid diets to purify your innards

5 new gym packages in Dubai

Special offers and unique packages to kick-start your health regime

5 detox treatments in Dubai

Spa treatments to detox your body in Dubai

5 steps to a healthier you

Avoid fad diets, embrace your shape, be with healthy people

20 ways to a better Dubai body

Detox deliveries, meal plans, gym packages and spa treatments to rehab your body

Surprisingly low-calorie dishes

Pizza, burger and pasta dishes don't have to be unhealthy

11 unexpectedly unhealthy foods

Fruit juice, health bars and other diet-busting foods you would never suspect

Healthy recipes to try at home

Overnight oats, super morning smoothies, bunless burgers and more

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