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Eating disorders in Dubai

How to cope with eating disorders in the UAE

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18 Dubai wellness events

Karma, Kerala and cranberry facials in Dubai this week

Sole Lounge by Margaret Dabbs

Acclaimed UK-based foot expert to the stars steps in to Dubai Mall

Dubai wellness news

Spa packages for brides to be and a hair-loss solution in Dubai

Slenderizer in Dubai

A brand new detoxing and slimming massage range from The Nail Spa

Dubai wellness news

New fitness classes and a new spa spot unveiled in Barsha

5 to try: new skincare

New skincare products on the market in Dubai

Best wellness events in Dubai

Cranberry facial, pillow talk treatment, hatha yoga and more

Best body and mind events

Keralan massage, cranberry facial, free pampering and more

Zen-Ga arrives in Dubai

As Real Pilates launches classes, Elisha Elliott us what to expect

Dubai wellness news

New bootcamps, dance classes, a healthy new drink and more

LipoCryo in Dubai

Can fat-busting treatment, LipoCryo, help you shed a few pounds

Dubai wellness news

Speedy eyelash extensions and a feng shui master in Dubai

Glambox in Dubai

Cosmetics and make-up delivery service in Dubai

20 best spa events this week

Pampering, massages and more wellness events in Dubai

8 healing superfoods

Eat yourself back to fitness with these healing foods

20 events for your body and mind

Swedish massage, burlesque dancing and more ways to cleanse your aura

How to ease back pain

Six simple exercises to help relieve aches and pains

Wellness news in Dubai

Drink juice, beat sweat and get sleepy in Dubai

Nail art in Dubai

We try a CND Additive manicure at the Galina Beauty Salon

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    Enjoy a body scrub using Aleppo soap, which is enriched with olive oil and applied using a mitt before you completely unwind with a full-body massage with Arabic-inspired frankincense, amber and sandalwood oils


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