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If you’re too scared to get out of your comfort zone and would rather go with a name you know, head to Toni & Guy. Don’t expect to find your bog-standard hairdressers here, these guys are self-appointed hair technicians and each one has worked their way up through the T&G ranks. A visit here is not cheap (a wash, cut and blow-dry will cost you between Dhs150 and Dhs250), but you know you are in safe hands. As well as all the usual cuts, highlights, lowlights and blow-dries for girls, boys can also place their locks in the staff’s safe hands.

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  • Location: DIFC, Dubai
  • Tel: 04 330 3345
  • Travel: The Gate, Marble Walk
  • Website
  • Times: Open Sat-Thu 9am-9pm; Fri 11am-8pm

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Posted by: Mahmood on 10 May ' 13 at 04:58

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No, Toni and Guy are no good here in the Emirates... Just don't match the standards and there is nothing different between them and an ordinary saloon.

Posted by: B on 06 Mar ' 13 at 17:42

Does anyone know where the colourist Joanne has gone?
She was awesome and sad to hear shes left! Thanks

Posted by: Sazo on 06 Jun ' 12 at 06:43

Tony and Guy.. Bad in Australia- worst in Dubai... What does one do to find a really good hair salon in this country ??

Posted by: Sarah on 14 May ' 12 at 10:57

Ugh really guys? I'm getting so bored of stylists trying to impersonate people just to bash the others. Do you really have nothing better to do with your time? I'm only making a big deal out of it cuz I'm honestly bored of it all and it just makes it difficult to get honest reviews these days. Like what in the world does level 1,2, or 3 mean? I think everyone who's not in the industry would need google for that. And the name dropping of commercial products just says it all.

I don't want to cause any problems but please do stop doing this so people like me can actually know if a salon/service/product is good or not. I'm tired of worrying every time I visit a salon after reading a review because I'm never sure if they're honest or not anymore. And now, my hairstylist for the past 14 years has left the country for good and this is what I have to face to look for her replacement.

Posted by: Sara on 09 May ' 12 at 10:34

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Worst place ever! I could not believe the service I got from the receptionist. So conceited.How can she work in the be in the business and be like this .

Posted by: risky on 15 Apr ' 12 at 23:10

These people have fast track training which means 6mths training in the uk, never been hairdressers before, Diplomas, thats a laugh, no city and guilds, no level, 1, 2, or 3, in uk, if you are hopeless at cutting then you may get a chance to try colouring hair, very few hairdressers are competent at cut, colouring and styling, then of course you maybe only good at blow drying hair, lets face it, nobody uses a cap now to streak hair, clip mesh or foil is the way to go, but, only with mega practice, look at the products this company uses, is it Goldwell, wella, etc, is it the best shampoo and conditioner, is it diluted to save money, do they keep fingering the hair and thin out your hair with razer scissors, beware, beware, if you feel its over to fast, then believe me, they cannot call themselves, hairdressers, stylists or colourists, KEEP CLEAR FROM THIS PLACE,

Posted by: Amy on 07 Mar ' 12 at 11:44

To Ahmed, Thank you for the praise, you are too kind. I am very glad you are pleased with the service you received. Although, I certainly could not do my job without my fabulous assistants and recption staff. I hope that everyone who visits our salon feels they can experience the same treatment as you have found, as we do try our best. Many thanks again Amy.

Posted by: Ahmed on 09 Feb ' 12 at 16:37

I second that, amy is new at toni & guy DIFC but she is awesome, she did an amazing job, the best hair cut i had in my life, and she's a sweetheart, she is really good,

Posted by: claire on 02 Feb ' 12 at 11:59

I'm not going to bother reading these reviews anymore. They are either mean and nasty or just down right ridiculous. How can anyone believe anything that's said? People should add their contact number so that they answer to their feedback. I think if they were made to do that, there would be a lot more honest writings and far less trouble makers or bored housewives!

Time Out could then call the "reviewer" to confirm legitimacey and only add to the "reviews feedback" if they believed them valid.

That way, it would save us all a lot of wasted time!

Posted by: henda on 02 Feb ' 12 at 08:45

hi.guys i need help i want to cut and dye my hair hair dresser is not in dubai.....hi is in jordan i was going to jordan for the last 3 years every 6 months to cut and dye my hair....really i got so tired of im tring to find a good and professional salon in dubai...if any body know please let me know ...thank you so much

Posted by: sara on 11 Jan ' 12 at 20:04

The Italian Simona has left the country ................. Do yourself a favour and try someone else; Amy is new and she's really really good and a sweet girl.

Posted by: Sukanya on 20 Dec ' 11 at 10:07

I was very happy with Simona ...the Italian Stylist who used to work in T&G before....She has moved now and I am desperate to know where she is working now! Can somebody share the information if they know??? Thanks for all your help.

Posted by: Polina on 19 Nov ' 11 at 21:08

Toni&Guy is my fav salon. I've already been to T&G in Milano, Moscow and St.Julians (Malta), and today was for the first time in Dubai.

I had my hair cut. I had my long hair cut very short and I'm in love with my new hair style!! Unfortunatelly, I didn't remember the name of my master, she's from Italy and she's really cool!

Posted by: Sarah on 07 Sep ' 11 at 14:40

Had my first Toni&Guy experience last Thursday and felt I had to post as some of the reviews on here don't really show Toni&Guy in the light it deserves!

After having numerous colour catastrophes over here I have finally found a salon who gives me exactly what I want. I have very blonde highlights which I like to break up with a few lowlights to give a natural look. I have had this colour for many years in the UK and have never been able to get it just right since I got here, I either leave with a murky brown colour or bright blonde - never the inbetween colour I want. After my visit to Toni&Guy , I now have my hair back to what it was in the UK. My stylist really took the time to listen to me and advise me on what to do. I had a great chat with her she was so lovely, as was everyone else in the branch. But, to be honest, even if they weren't it wouldn't be the end of the world! I'm more than happy to sit there with a magazine and chill out for a couple of hours. As long as they do my hair good that's all I care about!

So to all those people who used Toni&Guy back home and are put off by the reviews on here, I'd say to still give it a try and judge for yourself. In my experience they're just as good, if not better, than the Toni&Guy salon I used back in the UK!

Posted by: Louise on 02 Sep ' 11 at 15:20

I agree with Carol's review.... I think the majority of those people writing negative stories about Toni&Guy are other salons in Dubai. Isn't it funny that there are soooooo many terrible salons in Dubai but hardly any get the write up? Funny, is not the correct word is it? It should be contrived... almost definitely 99% sure, it's other salons not doing very well that are writing this!

Although there are many good reviews, do you honestly believe that T&G would be fully booked almost all the time if those stories were true? Those (hairdressers as I think they are) people, that make statements that T&G staff are not qualified, are not qualified to make those remarks themselves. Every single T&G hairdresser has had to pass the very difficult T&G London Academy Diploma only offered to their own staff & they do not get this Diploma just because they want to work for T&G. This course is not offered to anyone outside the company.

What a load of drivvel stating that the T&G cut 2 or 3 people at the same time! They have fixed appointment times at T&G. I go every single week and I have been very happy for years and so have my colleagues.

That's when you know there is more to some of these reviews than meets the eye.
Dubai is a very sad place if other hairdressers cannot survive with their own business/clients, but have to try and discredit other successful brands! That's a sign of a very bitter and negative personality.

For those of you who are reading this & have read the other reviews, I suggest you do not listen to anyone else but form your own opinion by visiting T&G's brand new location at DIFC. It's really a pleasure and even better now that they have relocated to the buzzing DIFC environment which is great for lunch or even just coffee, with so many outlets under one roof. I love it there and I am a very fussy client!

Life is for living; don't listen to gossip its never accurate anyway. Dismiss all those negative people, they just bring you down!

Louise - an avid fan of T&G Dubai as is my husband, family and most of my facebook friends (292 of them!)

Posted by: Sarah on 07 Aug ' 11 at 09:41

I had my hair cut at the new DIFC shop in Dubai. I must say i was extremely disappointed. I also read the review and thought may be the review are slightly exaggerated, after all this is Toni & Guy!

I was wrong.

My stylist wasn't at all interested in what she was doing, i felt that i was a sheep being sheered. After cutting my hair the stylist went and stood at the counter, i didn't even have my hair finished and was looking around for her to come. The only thing i see at DIFC is to drum up more business and cut 2 to 3 people hair at one time.

How do they get away with this. I have had my hair cut from Toni & Guy in the UK and the service is excellent to say the least.

Most of the work for others is off loaded to local hired staff who don't really have the training or skills to do the job well.

Posted by: Gigi on 20 Jul ' 11 at 10:02

Worst experience ever. I am living in Dubai for almost 20 years now and have had my fair share of bad hair salons and I must say this one was the worst. All my friends/family who decided to try it out themselves had the same experience. Rude underqulified staff sums it up. There might be an exception or two and you may have gotten lucky, but it is a risk trying them out.

Posted by: ylenia on 17 Jul ' 11 at 20:03

i ve been living in Dubai for years and finally went to toni & guy for
hair cut and a pretty italian stylist Simona cut my hair
she was brilliant
now finally i love my hair and my new style i look much yunger and sexier .... i love it it it
tanks toni guy and tanks SIMONA !!!!

Posted by: Ms. L on 18 Jun ' 11 at 12:00

T&G is the worse hair saloon in Dubai. Who has not lost their hair are lucky and who has not had a bad experience well, you simply will go back until you do. Its guaranteed that at some point T&G will ruin your hair. Their staff are not trained properly and don't have the knowledge, especially coloring and cutting department. I would never recommend this outlet to anyone. None of my friends go there or their friends and everyone has something negative to say. Consider yourself warned! Its BAD!

Posted by: Alkinoi on 02 Jun ' 11 at 18:25

UK thank you for recommending Elizabeth, I was there just today and indeed she was so sweet, knowledgeable and did a great job on my hair She first had a consultation with me in a very relaxed manner although it was very hectic at the salon today.She was calm in the storm! I really enjoyed my time and I loooove my newfringe! My husband did a double take when he saw me! I will for sure go back and see her again.

Posted by: MLM on 04 May ' 11 at 11:39

I had read the reviews below, including the bad and very bad ones, and thought to myself: "come on now, how bad can a haircut be? You'd have to be reeeally fussy to write those kind of reviews after a simple haircut". WRONG! VERY VERY WRONG! Thanks to Toni & Guy I now know how bad a haircut can be! The stylist couldn't blowdry my hair to save her life (I mean seriously, isn't that the ABC of hairdressing???) and I came out of the salong with frizzy, HUMID hair... I mean wooow!! As for the haircut, looks like one of those 1990s reeeally tacky haircuts... We're in 2011 people!! Nobody gets those haircuts anymore!! Straight at the back and completely uneven for the front layers (like 30 cms and 45 cms). She was actually putting the finishing "magical touch" (read that the serum) when I called her out and asked her if she was going to leave my hair like that... I really needed to vent and hope anyone reading this review will know better and look elsewhere... Seriously, it ain't worth the risk.

Posted by: UK on 02 May ' 11 at 08:24

Hey all .....
Ok the first time ever that I am writing a review abt anythg and that to just second carol ....TONI & GUY is excellent...I have been in Dubai for 9 months and was very apprehensive about getting a hair cut...thought let me try Toni and guy...they are brilliant ....I booked with elizabeth their junior stylist and she is so sweet and good...I have long hair and wanted some style nothing drastic and that is what I got....n she was sweet ina sking me eth ..what I want how long etc.....
I will go there everytime and so should you!!

Posted by: Nonij on 01 May ' 11 at 13:45

I am moving to dubai and searching for a good colourist. I have regular 3 weekly full head of foils and ash blonde toner, my hair is naturally dark so i need a great colouist, anyone know who is fantastic?

Posted by: Rania on 29 Apr ' 11 at 17:56

As far as cutting long curly hair, they have no idea what they're doing.

Posted by: Christine on 23 Feb ' 11 at 11:17

First of all, the T&G receptionist is very very rude and arrogant.
(A lady with short and permed hair with many freckles)
She should be aware of that she works in service field.
We pay for their skills and service manners and I think T&G should improve their service part for the staffs including hair dressors. People who works in there don't conform to T&G brand name value at all.
Are the hair dressors in Dubai impolite like this?

Very dissapointed.

Posted by: ginny on 28 Jan ' 11 at 06:05


I recently moved to Dubai. I am looking for a good hairdresser. I have been to two places and I totally regret it.

I got a layered cut from hell the first time. The lady just kept nodding her head and did not understand what I wanted. That cost me Dhs 165.

The second time around.. well.. looks like a kid attacked my hair with a pair of scissors.

PLease, please please someone give me a name of a good hairdresser who is able to understand instructions. A hairdresser should have a good knowledge about shape face and the complimenting styles.

Please here say they understand what you want but haven't got a clue.

I live in the Marina.. but I am willing to travel to a good hairdresser.
Appreciate your recommendations.


Posted by: Hamida on 09 Jan ' 11 at 05:45

I had an amazing Cut & Colour with a blow dry!! its looks fab!! amazed at the service.... cant beat it anywhere!! wwwooowww

Posted by: CS_LS on 21 Dec ' 10 at 05:54

I always go there and wouldn't go anywhere else now. The cut and general service are always excellent and I can thoroughly recommend it.

Yes there are cheaper places but after the horrors I've seen and heard about - why risk it?

Posted by: carol on 01 Dec ' 10 at 19:20

Tell you what I think... I've had my hair done at Toni&Guy for the past several years, I have NEVER had a bad colour or cut, and NEVER wished I had gone anywhere else! I think a lot of these review/feedbacks are from other Salons (note I didn't say competing salons) cos most can't compete. I've done my homework and there is NOT ONE hairdresser in Toni&Guy Dubai, that has not undergone stringent London Academy training so all these negative comments can only be from other envious salons who concentrate too much on what everyone else is doing, instead of concentrating on training their own staff. Its like anything in Dubai, "value of money". Do you expect to go to Gucci and pay Karama prices! Toni&Guy opening in Dubai certainly gave everyone else a wake-up call, as prior to them opening in 2000, the hairdressers in UAE were horrendous! They are not the cheapest salon but are fair, HOWEVER they are also not the most expensive. I know for a fact that the colour department at T&G Dubai do so many colour corrections from other salons work that they must be doing something right! And yes, you can make an appointment the same week you book cos they have soooo many hairdressers (I counted 16 styling stations so that must tell you something!!) and the salon is open from 8.30 to 9.30 every day. Those who chose to listen to idle gossip, will always miss out on the chance to experience other options in life... be it restaurants or hairdressers. Have you not thought "where are these reviews really coming from? I believe its from women have nothing better to do or (have been encouraged to write in negative feedback for "whatever" reason?). T & G welcomes competition. Their Head Office trading company distributes the Label.m (T&G) professional haircare product range. I heard the whole story last time I was in there. AND they offer free education from the UK T&G Academy Art Director Hairdressers no less! for all those salons who buy their products. Now tell me if they are really concerned about competition?

I am obviously guilty as those depicted women who have nothing better to do. HOWEVER my excuse is that I have got 4 days off work now and was looking up something else when these reviews popped up. I've said my piece purely cos I believe you shouldn't listen to gossip but try out things for yourself. Let that be a motto for your own life!

Get off these silly "reviews"; get out there and experiece things for yourself. DONT LISTEN TO IDLE GOSSIP ABOUT ANYTHING ! GOSSIP IS ALWAYS NEGATIVE.

Posted by: kath on 10 Oct ' 10 at 21:01

1st place I ever came to when I moved from us liked the highlights but the cut was no good when I went back the girl on the desk was so rude and said the cut was ok only later that day I found of she was the owner/manger so bit of a shame that I am not going back there so been to a few the last being FP in the mall and I have got to say that it was even worse.

But looking for a British guy called Patrick he is new to Dubai but not sure where he is at so if you can help find this guy I will even pay for you hair cut as a thank you...! Really : )

Posted by: maria on 08 Oct ' 10 at 20:17

I had the most horrible experience of my life in Tony & Guy Dubai, in Emirates Towers Hotel and I would never recommend this saloon to anyone. My hair was completely ruined by one of their colorists and half of it came off with a towel when I stood up from the washing chair. I find that T&G staff are very undertrained/unexperienced and don't really know what they are doing, plus in the end they try to make it your fault!!! It will take me about 2 years now to recover. If you want a complete makeover and that is going from long to bold, you are most welcome to visit them, other vise I would consider other options. Good luck!

Posted by: safeer khan on 02 Oct ' 10 at 18:12

do you offers any kind of profetional let me inform.

Posted by: wendy on 27 Aug ' 10 at 16:06

I visited Toni&Guy for the first time at Emirates Towers Hotel and had an amazing cut and colour. It wasn't expensive and compared with the UK prices it was much cheaper. I believe you get what you pay for. I was also extremly happy to be able to get an appoiintment on a Friday. Your Time Out Listing does not mention they are open on a Friday? Also they are not in the boulevard, they are in the Hotel Lobby. I think you need to correct that to avoid confusion.

Quick and very talented hairdressers who listen! Overall I was very impressed!

Posted by: lorraine on 26 Aug ' 10 at 07:23

Hi. Im looking for stylist that very good in short hair cutting. something fucnky and modern. please help me with the name of the stylist

Posted by: Joanna on 17 Jul ' 10 at 16:06

I just came back from Toni and Guy salon. My hair was badly messed up by the previous Dubai "professionals" and I was really sceptical beofre I saw the final result. Tell you what, Stephanie, one of their hairstylists did a terrific job! Not only did she manage to correct all the previous mistakes, she gave me the most awesome color! Highly recommend- even though on the pricy side, it is totally worth it!

Posted by: Jan on 06 Apr ' 10 at 08:39


Just wondering, do you have digital perm? The length of my hair is just up to the middle of my back. How much does it cost?


Posted by: Jason on 10 Mar ' 10 at 11:30

I am in Dubai Marina and am wondering is there a closer salon to here? Ant what price do you charge for a males short hair cut ?

Posted by: vee on 16 Feb ' 10 at 18:46


i was wondering how much would it cost to get layers done just at the front n a little trim over all of the hair?

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