What is a City Card?

Let's face it, we all love a discount. Especially when we're spending money having fun and eating out. Time Out's City Card, launched in April 2009, is your entry card to a whole world of free discounts, right across Dubai and beyond. Over 230 restaurants, bars, salons, hotels and days out have partnered with us to bring you money off every time you step out the door. From cheaper pizzas at Time Out's Italian restaurant of the year, Bussola at The Westin, to lower price drinks in Bur Dubai, the City Card is your pass to doing more, for less.

So what do you have to do to access all of these amazing offers? The answer is remarkably little. Signing up for one of these wonder cards is as easy as we could possibly make it.

Register for a card today with some simple details, then we'll let you know when your personalised card is ready for collection at our office in Media City. Once pocketed, the card will bring you endless delight in discounted meals, drinks and more.

This site carries your guide to the discounts. We've provided inspiration through several city crawls in different parts of the city where you can have a packed to bursting night out on the cheap. Want to enjoy a decent meal. We've cherry-picked our favourites as well as some recent award winners, and after all that, why not take some time for yourself and revel in your down time, knowing it's costing you less.

Time Out is here to help you make the most of your city – City Card gives you something back too. Enjoy!

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