4get-me-not Alzheimer’s Organization

Benita Adesuyan meets the founder of 4get-me-not Alzheimer’s Organization to discuss how physical and mental health are connected and learns how a game of ping-pong can save your memory…

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10 community events in Dubai this week

Things you can do in your local community this week

How to make the perfect CV

Suhail Masri of job search website Bayt.com sees thousands of CVs uploaded onto the site every day

How Dubai delivery app Fetchr works

Fetchr is a new app that gets packages and letters to people in Dubai without the need of a physical address

The Cancer Club in Dubai

Julie Adams and Hayley Mac, set up The Cancer Club in honour of their late friend Claire Stokes

Learn more about the Emirates foundation

Ahead of UN International Youth Day on August 12, Benita Adesuyan talks to the CEO of the Emirates Foundation, Claire Woodcraft-Scott, about the organisation’s youth-empowerment programmes

First Aid course in Dubai

Accidents happen, but first aid training can help prevent a tragedy. Bienvenido Quiocho, a qualified first aid instructor with The Perfect Help, explains how to gain your own lifesaving skills

Sharjah Cat and Dog shelter - profile

Meet the team helping find new homes for the UAE's abandoned animals

Adopt a dog in Dubai

Meet 10 of the loveable hounds from Sharjah Cat and Dog shelter

Giving sign language a voice

Entrepreneur Mohamed Elwazer's invention helps the hearing-impaired be heard

Find out about the Dubai Turtle Rehab Project

Meet the conservationist helping increase the numbers of Hawksbill turtles.

Put a smile on the face of a Dubai labourer

Ramadan initiative aims to distribute food and toiletries to thousands of Dubai labourers

The dos and don'ts of making friends in Dubai

Life coach Kelly Armatage shares her advice on making mates in the Middle East




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