Community events in Dubai

Film screenings, fundraising opportunities, skill workshops and more

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Put a smile on the face of a Dubai labourer

Ramadan initiative aims to distribute food and toiletries to thousands of Dubai labourers

The dos and don'ts of making friends in Dubai

Life coach Kelly Armatage shares her advice on making mates in the Middle East

Iftar at SMCCU

Find out more about one of Dubai's most popular iftars

Volunteer this Ramadan in Dubai

Charitable projects you can join a helping hand with this month

How to support Nepal in Dubai

Which fundraising groups are raising money following the earthquake in Nepal

Expat wives deal with isolation abroad

Author Jill Alexander Essbaum talks about expat wives miles from home

Indoor dog park in Dubai

My Second Home is the world's largest indoor dog park

Furniture removal in Dubai

If you are moving home get experts in to help you do it

Birdwatching in Dubai

Time Out tries a birdwatching expedition in Dubai

Literary hangouts in Dubai

Check out some of the haunts favoured by the city’s literati

Bed bugs in Dubai

Five of the most credible pest control companies in Dubai




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