How to adopt in Dubai

As a resident of the UAE you can adopt a child, but it’s complex. Adoption consultant Fiona Brew explains all to Laura Chubb 46 Comments

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The adoption team at Synergy Integrated Medical Centre on Al Wasl Road helps to prepare prospective adoptive parents in the UAE for the process of adoption. Synergy’s Fiona Brew, a social worker with a background in psychotherapy, tells us more.

We haven’t heard much about people adopting here. Is it common?
It is more and more common, actually. If you’re a citizen of the UAE, you can’t adopt [the Shari’ah form of adoption is more akin to foster care]. But if you’re a resident here, all you really need is permission from your particular embassy. The embassy complies with your home country’s international adoption criteria, so the rules are different depending on where you’re from. Sounds complicated. There are no adoption agencies in the UAE, which makes it more complicated. It’s very specific depending on where you want to adopt from and where you’re from. Once the embassy has given you permission, you have to go to an agency outside of the UAE. Different agencies have links with different countries.

So you couldn’t adopt from within the UAE? There are no Emirati children up for adoption?

Where do you come in?
We’re probably the first port of call. There’s a massive list of paperwork involved, so we’re just one part of the process. We do a home study programme, which is 10 to 12 weeks of counselling and parent preparation. Then the parents have to think about which country they want to adopt from, do their research and get permission from their embassy. They then take their home study dossier to the adoption agency outside of the UAE.

What happens during the 10 to 12 weeks of home study?
Mostly it’s couples that come in, so it’s a bit like couples counselling – particularly if you’ve got one spouse that’s a bit reluctant or has different views on parenting, or on how they’ll cope financially or emotionally
with the adoption process. But we’ll also cover more general topics, such as reasons for adoption, cultural issues and how to build a positive identity for the child. We want the children to have a positive memory of where they’re from, so the parents collect as much information as they can about the child’s life before he or she becomes part of the family.

Do parents visit the child in its home country before adopting?
No. The parent sometimes has to go to the child’s home country to fill out paperwork, but they won’t meet the child. It’s more to make sure that the child can have a residency visa here.

Do you see one demographic adopting here more than others?
It tends to be mainly Western expats, but I think that’s probably a financial issue. You’ve got adoption agency fees, home study fees, you may have flights to the country of the child, and legal fees. It depends where you adopt from because the longer the process goes on, the more expensive it becomes. Some countries are quite quick, but others might stretch out the process for a year or two. We haven’t really been approached by people from Arab nations, maybe because of the laws in their own states. I don’t think it’s particularly common in Arab cultures. Parents here mainly adopt children from developing countries such as India, Ethiopia and Guatemala.

Do you stay in touch with the parents once they’ve adopted?
Once the child is with them, we do two more home visits and a follow-up office visit. We then write a second report that goes to the home country of the child. There is an adoption support group in the UAE, where there’s a lot of peer support. It’s completely set up by residents, and they meet once month. It’s for all pre- and post-adoptive parents, as well as those who are in the midst of it, couples and singles, from all over the world. It’s really great to have a group of people to share your worries with and get some advice. And you can also make new friends!
The home study course at Synergy Integrated Medical Centre costs Dhs10,000. If you’re interested, call the centre on 04 348 5452 and ask for either Fiona Brew or Emily Kerins. To contact the Adoption Support Group, call Carol on 04 360 8113 after 6pm

By Laura Chubb
Time Out Dubai,

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Posted by: Jai on 14 Jun ' 13 at 16:48

Hi Rajiv,
we are willing to adopt the baby, please share your contact no.

Posted by: Talha & Nazira on 27 May ' 13 at 09:20

We are an AUSTRALIAN couple that are prepared to reside in UAE to adopt from country. We have gone through the process for local adoption and have been waiting since December 2012.

How can we relocate and Adopt via UAE and also discuss procedures, cost and time frame for the whole process.

Posted by: Lisa on 16 Apr ' 13 at 17:43

Hi there,
We are a New Zealand couple living in Dubai. We have been married for seven years and are keen to adopt a child or children - if there is anyone out there that needs a loving home :-)

Posted by: laila on 29 Mar ' 13 at 11:42

i am from india now in Abu Dhabi, i have no baby. can i adopt for a girl new born bady. please get back soon.

Posted by: Erum on 13 Mar ' 13 at 18:55

We are a Pakistani couple settled in Dubai and want to adopt a new born baby. Kindly help.


Posted by: shabi abdul on 06 Feb ' 13 at 10:45

we are indian couples n married bfore 12 yrs back, we dont have kids n wish to adopt a baby either girl or boy. please help us to b parent n bring up a kid in good way .thanks

Posted by: sweetu on 29 Jan ' 13 at 06:34

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We are Indian couple working in Dubai. We don't have kids, want to adopt a new born baby. We need your help

Posted by: wasif on 29 Dec ' 12 at 08:47

i belong to pakiatani family working in Abudhabi.before 4 years i got married but we don,t have any kid we want to adopt a new born boy baby. I strongly believe that the best way to help mankind is to adopt a child. I want to adopt a Syrian, Palestinian infant. Please let me know the procedure of adaptation.

Posted by: maria on 13 Dec ' 12 at 10:41

we are pakiatani family working in dubai.before 6 years i got married but we don,t have any kid we want to adopt a new born boy baby.we need your help i need a child v.v.v.very much.

Posted by: masood inam ullah on 23 Nov ' 12 at 19:57

im pakistani living with my famely for last 6 years i have three daughter and no son so i want to adopt baby boy please help me im working in majid al futtaim as oppration supervisor in du telecom project.

Posted by: Saima Tariq on 20 Nov ' 12 at 08:53

I am Pakistani women and having two kids A girl & A boy. I strongly believe that the best way to help mankind is to adopt a child. I want to adopt a Syrian or Palestinian infant. Please let me know the procedure of adaptation.

My Email:

Posted by: kasim on 18 Nov ' 12 at 13:07

Dear sir,

My sis want to adopt a baby in Dubai..
how they can adopt plz reply..
they are from India.. no kids yet...

Posted by: Manju George on 01 Nov ' 12 at 16:35

Hi.. May I know how we(Indian Family) can adopt a child from another country..
Please do contact us via email with the contact number for further talk..

Thank You

Posted by: Rehmat on 27 Aug ' 12 at 14:53

Please can you please provide with the contact details of Mr Rajeev who is an adoption professional from India.

Posted by: Neil Armstrong on 18 Aug ' 12 at 16:45

Hi, Neil and Sanobia here, its been now almost year and half that we've been married and most likely we do have a urge of a baby. I don't care what ever it is a boy or a girl. Can anyone help us out? we are from pakistan basicly and are settled here in Abu Dhabi.

i would be grateful for your concern.........

Posted by: vijay on 11 Aug ' 12 at 10:42

i want take one child what will be cost

Posted by: Nelam Rao on 23 Jul ' 12 at 17:14

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We are Indian couple working in Dubai. We don't have kids, want to adopt a new born baby. We need your help.

Posted by: Joann on 17 Jul ' 12 at 16:20

Hi Rajeev,

I would like to meet with you and discuss my options. Please let me know the best way to get intouch with u or send u my contact details.

Many thanks

Posted by: RAJEEV on 25 Jun ' 12 at 14:00

I am an adoption professional and can help with adoptions from India.

Posted by: NITIKA H LALWANI on 21 May ' 12 at 20:22

i want to adopt a baby girl in dubai,sharjah or ajman, so pl help me how to adopt n what is process n from where can i take give me mobile n contact nos

Posted by: Ghada mortada on 21 May ' 12 at 19:49

I have an Egyptian son from my previous husband who died. At the moment I am married to a British man and I have three children from him. I want to know whether it is possible for my 16 and half year old Egyptian son to be adopted by my husband to get the British nationality like his siblings.

Posted by: sahir on 03 May ' 12 at 07:55


Posted by: mrs arfan on 29 Apr ' 12 at 08:40

i m pakistani i haven't baby & i married 8 year with no kids i want to adopt a new born baby boy plz tell me about all conditions & process

Posted by: Rachida & ehdi on 17 Apr ' 12 at 10:17


We are a MUSLIM FRENCH couple married since 4 years having no baby leaving in france
We would like to adopt a baby (boy or girl). How do i adopt and where can i contact to get the details?

Please help me.

Posted by: Rupal on 11 Mar ' 12 at 06:59

Hi, We are from Dubai and married for 10 yrs with no kids, wanna adopt a baby can you help us please...

Posted by: Bindhya on 01 Feb ' 12 at 08:29


Posted by: seema on 21 Jan ' 12 at 13:16


Posted by: Gladee Tablizo on 13 Dec ' 11 at 09:36

My boss is an Indian family with 1 baby boy they want to adopt a baby girl. They are asking me do the information process regarding adoption in Dubai. Can you help me regarding these matter. Please send me any information so that I can inform them right away.

Thanks & regards,

Posted by: Ali on 02 Dec ' 11 at 12:10

We are Indian Muslim couple and would like to adopt a child can u give us detail about the process I have no children I do baby sitting for 5 kids and my husband works in dubai.

Posted by: M.Varma on 18 Oct ' 11 at 08:46

Dear Sir / Madam,

We plan for adopt and new bon baby,whare we will contact wnd with whom.kindly advice please.



Posted by: nazmeen on 03 Oct ' 11 at 07:45

i m married from five yrs..we dont have baby,,want to adopt a baby boy ..i need your s help thanx

Posted by: Tina Mueller on 13 Sep ' 11 at 09:03

My Husband and I are Residents here and have been for 2 years, I always thought we would have Children later in life after seeing something of the world buying a house and starting to become more responsable and alot more wiser, But after some time with Doctors and Tests we found out that I can not have Children, This has been real hard on us :-( But I know there are other options out there and was wondering if theres any advise to be given and were to start addoption procedures, We would be very grateful for any advice or help.

Kind Regards


Posted by: irene mbeks on 11 Sep ' 11 at 07:22

this is for marilo the spanish couple,i have am 6 moths pregnant wit a a son who i would like to give up for adpotion as i have a 1 year old and due to relegious issues am seperated from their father.if interested contact me please.

Posted by: Marilo on 10 Sep ' 11 at 18:02

Hey, me and my husband want to adopt a child, if possible from Africa. We are spanish and married. Can you tell me what is the quickest way. I need some information what we have to do, how long it can take... Would appreciate a response. Thanks a lot, best regards, Maria

Posted by: Jameel Baig on 01 Sep ' 11 at 06:34

My Wife and me want to adopt a new born baby boy, because we dont have any children due to azoospermia. Kindly help us to adopt the child from UAE or any other asian country secretaly.

Posted by: zeeshan on 21 Jul ' 11 at 21:38

we are pakistani couple working in dubai last 10 years. before 5 years i got married .but we don't have any kid we want to adobt a new born boy baby we need your help how 2 adopt a baby plzzzz help us ...

Posted by: Chynara on 10 Jul ' 11 at 00:03

I am 38 year old woman. Have civil marriage. We dont have any marriage certificate due to many documentation. We are living together for 8 years and i cant get pregnant. Is there any chances to adopt baby as a single mother?

Posted by: Firthous Nisha on 01 Jul ' 11 at 13:30


We are an Indian couple married since 10 years having no baby
We would like to adopt a baby (boy or girl). How do i adopt and where can i contact to get the details?

Please help me.

Posted by: Neha Shah on 28 Jun ' 11 at 14:25

We are Indian couple. My husband had transfer in Dubai from the last 7 months. When my husband was at Dubai, we adopted a baby girl in India. I Need your help about adoption law in Dubai........! What docum ents I will need for my child's visa ?????

Posted by: Neha on 08 Jun ' 11 at 12:58

We are Indian Couple ,my husband work in a software firm in Dubai and i am a housewife willing to adopt a baby. Can u pls. help us.
Thanks in Advance

Posted by: belinda on 27 May ' 11 at 13:54

dear concerned,

I am married for 6 yrs and not conceived. im in dubai and want to adopt a infant boy in dubai. i cannot afford a big sum of money as me and my husband are not getting good salaries. but we are desperately in need of adopting a baby boy. pls. help us.

Posted by: Piyali & Saikat Roy on 27 Nov ' 10 at 11:11

We are Indian couple residing in sharjah - willing to adopt a baby - irrespective of religion. Child should be less than 1 yr old - this only a criteria. Can u pls. help us.

Posted by: Margaret G Beck on 24 Nov ' 10 at 11:20

Dear Carol,

I am currently married but am not able to have any kids as I have had a radical hyterectomy, my husband and I have been previously married and have 2 kids on either side but due to legal issues all the 4 are staying with our ex's, but alas none of our own, which saddens us greatly. As the both of us really love children we are hoping to adopt a nice baby preferably 1-6mnths and are open to options in age depending on the child. Sex is no bar....
We would be highly grateful if you could pls help us resolve this issue at the earliest.


Posted by: hanbha on 30 Sep ' 10 at 14:53

can a single person adopt? my friend is looking for adopting a baby but he is single. what are the things that are looked into for wannabe single parent?

Posted by: Sayed Zahur on 31 Jul ' 10 at 11:50

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Posted by: SAIM RAZA on 12 Jun ' 10 at 13:06


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