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Some estimates put the number of Pakistanis in Dubai at 700,000. We talk to three about life in Dubai 53 Comments

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Maryam Khan, 33, stay-at-home mother

My father was an ambassador to Pakistan so I travelled all over the world when I was growing up. In a sense, then, I’ve never really lived in Pakistan – I met my husband in Romania! – although I feel deeply connected to the place. Not only do I visit often, but all of our extended family is there and all of our siblings married into families that are deeply rooted in Pakistan. And because it was my father’s job to represent our home country, Pakistan was always the focal point for us.

We’ve been in Dubai for four years. We came here from New York, where my husband worked as an investment banker. I think because I’ve been exposed to so many different kinds of people in my life and lived in so many different places, it’s been very easy to adjust to a city as multicultural as Dubai.

We live in Jumeirah, where I stay at home to raise our two children. We have a lot of Pakistani friends here, people who were actually friends from high school, who did their thing after college and are somehow here in Dubai. This city is attracting people from everywhere, but I would say especially from Pakistan. That we should find ourselves here with friends that we made over the course of our lives is really nice, although the circumstances that have made so many people want to leave are upsetting – unfortunately the political climate at home at the moment is so bad.

There is good Pakistani food available in Dubai – even if there is a derth of restaurants where you can actually go and sit down and eat it; most of them are like cafés. Still, we eat a lot of Pakistani food – we order it in or our cook makes it at home and I help. I only cook Pakistani food because it’s the only food I know how to prepare properly. As for shops, there are a couple of good Pakistani boutiques here – FNK Asia, near Lamcy Plaza, and the Designer’s Lounge are my favourites.

There’s nothing that I really miss from home here, except family, of course. I think my answer would have been different if you’d interviewed me in New York because I was so far away from Pakistan that there was a lot that I missed – domestic staff and family and even some hot weather! Here now, we have all the other amenities – even more than we did at home. Life in Dubai is very good for us.

By Jeremy Lawrence
Time Out Dubai,

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Posted by: Kiran Sajid on 29 May ' 13 at 06:29

Hi Pakistani ladies!! I design semi formal and smart casual Pakistani dresses. If you guys are interested u can come have a look.
Dubai Arch Tower, Cluster G, Jumeirah Lakes Towers

Posted by: Aram Naz on 17 May ' 13 at 17:20

Hey Maryam ,I live in Germany and want to visit in next few days in Dubai because of my family.We have such a good setup here but loneliness a lot.For us the Biggest problem is kids admission and fee structure.May be u people know the education system heir is totally different and hard too.Our kids are good enough and Ambitious that ,s why i do not want to disturb them .Can u please help me about the school even though i search a lot .i need help the people who living there and as a Pakistani u are the best option.Please answer me as soon as possible.Thanks.

Posted by: Maleeha on 06 May ' 13 at 06:21

Hi, i hope the new forum has been initiated for the get togethers, Please update me so I can join the same.


Posted by: Farhan on 25 Nov ' 12 at 18:23

Hi good day all,

Its nice to see u all ladies and gentle men here on the same platform.

I am recent engineering graduate of Pakistan and currently got job in Petroleum industry here in Abu Dhabi with the company residency. Its my 1st month being here.

I am looking for Pakistani friends here but I can't found any body here. Lets get together and we should have a platform where we can be in touch and chat in our free times.

Looking forward from your side. here is my email:


Posted by: Naveed Butt on 06 Aug ' 12 at 13:57

salam to all Pakistanis.....

Posted by: Engr:Fayaz Ahmad on 05 Aug ' 12 at 08:56

any body can sheare the information that where i can found best pakistani dresses in Dubai

Posted by: sherr on 29 Jul ' 12 at 08:40

hi , i'm from pakistan presently located in dubai .I'm holding a design/sewing/cutting workshop.we'll make panel/box-pleat long women kurta(phase 1 AED 175),trouser.its a phased activity. there will be machine essentials/exercises(PHASE 2,AED 70) as well.phase 1 and 2 are essential. phase 3(pulled up collar -style 2 woman shirt AED 90),PHASE 4 -TROUSER are optional. plz call for details 0562616683 or email

Posted by: Raheel on 26 Jun ' 12 at 13:11

Edited by

Hi, Anybody makes phone calls to Pakistan via the Internet? Which provider do you use? Skype is out of question, obviously. I found, very cheap, but they accept only PayPal and I don't have one. Any alternatives? Regards, Raheel

Posted by: Faheem on 17 Jun ' 12 at 08:34

nice site :)

Posted by: imran on 06 Jun ' 12 at 17:19

hi its imran,

i need a pakistani baby sitter for my 2 months baby.we r living near lamcy plaza dubai,if any one intrested plz let me know 050.9292034.

Posted by: Sheheryar Baig on 26 Mar ' 12 at 10:30

Salam Ayesha,

I like your idea, and have you already started with it?


Posted by: Zarlash Shaheen on 27 Feb ' 12 at 08:39

Hello all,
Its great to see so many Pakistani members here. I'm in Dubai since 2008 but haven't made any good friends yet. Miss my old friends alot back in Pakistan. I'm a housewife & would love having some really good female friends...

Posted by: Ayesha on 24 Jan ' 12 at 11:26

Hey nice seeing some Pakistanis at one place..Just doing some survey for Pakistani community to help them getting their life partners at one place so just reply :

What do you think about registering online portals for getting married ?

Posted by: mahmooda on 12 Jan ' 12 at 09:56

Hi every body,
We are pakistani/canadians currently residing in Dubai . I am a housewife mostly staying at home while my husband is a professional engineer . We love duby but miss friends like in Pakistan or canad. We would like to know and participated in volunteering and social service here in dubai/UAE. Any suggestions or lead will be most welcome.
Mahmooda sheikh/Mahmood abbasi

Posted by: Ambrina on 02 Dec ' 11 at 21:27

Hi Ladies.

I live in London but travel to Dubai often as a matter of fact I am coming there again on 11th Dec and love to meet some of you if possible. I get bored when I am in Dubai. Email me pls if anyone interested in meeting :) . And I would love to join ladies club or any kitty party exists :).

Posted by: Prince hafee on 29 Nov ' 11 at 07:12

Hi my all sweet frnds..since form last one year I am looking for this post and comments , our many Pakistani frnds red it and posting..but i no body have idea that which forum and where is the forum to join it. so if any body have some idea or have some group or forum so till us we will join. otherwise I am going to make a forum for our Paksitani sister and brother and all Pakistani frnds . so than we will discus our think point there. plese update me and give me some idea for the forum name. like Pakuae, paktogether, jagopaksitan or some other good name. we can join each-other on Facebook also. hope you all well reply me.
my Facbook id is (serch in facebook). i have group think point.

Posted by: Maqbool Ahmed on 21 Oct ' 11 at 10:45

I am working as a Education Consultant in Alain since last 3 years and staying with my family. I agree with most of you that we need to build a community and family links based purely on our values we have back at home.
I believe the Pakistani living overseas have better understanding of whats happening in Pakistan because we can see the bigger picture which cannot be understood while being in problem.

I am happy to support any forum or anything of such kind. You can reach me by email:

Posted by: farooq on 21 Oct ' 11 at 09:15

Hello to all. I am Pakistani and working in Pakistan for last more than 10 years. I have a good experience of housekeeping
Sales and Marketing. I want to come to Dubai
Can any one guide me and help me in finding the jobs related to my experience. I just need that some person only arrange interviews, rest is my luck.
Hope that I can be responded through

Posted by: Anwar Zeb on 13 Oct ' 11 at 07:35

My dears!
I am a fresh graduate of bussiness mgt studies.I want my field related job in Dubai.Plz help me in this regard.

Posted by: Bahawalpuri on 05 Sep ' 11 at 10:33

I am from Bahawalpur Pakistan an employee of University as Junior Clerk and my pay is only 11000/- Pakistani rupees in this package i cant affored my family budget if any pakistani person give me Karz-e-Hasna for purchasing an Photocopier machine or help me in any shape (not sadqa) i am very thankful for this.
thanking you

Posted by: aqib on 04 Sep ' 11 at 05:39

we need or need to Build Online Social platform for Pakistani community i know some Association But they are corrupt as usual. we Youth need to build New one. ?

Posted by: samiya mansoor on 09 Aug ' 11 at 17:09

i want work plez help me

Posted by: samiya mansoor on 08 Aug ' 11 at 19:56

hi iam samiya mansoor i am make beryani very tastey i am looking some good link to sale my biryani plz help me i have driveng license

Posted by: Usman on 10 Jul ' 11 at 13:33

I fully endorse the concept of formulating a forum/platform for the Pakistani community in the UAE to interact and assist their fellow countrymen in multiple ways.

Usman Aftab.

Posted by: Usman on 10 Jul ' 11 at 12:37

I am a Chartered Accountant working for one of the largest conglomerate groups of UAE. I am based in Dubai and have actually found it quite hard to socialize and find reasonable Pakistanis in Dubai. I would like to get in touch with more civilised and educated lot of my country. I am reachable at ''


Posted by: farva on 05 Jul ' 11 at 23:57

hi, am farva butt.. dress designer from pakistan... i design casual, formal and bridal dresses of every kind.... if any body need any kind of pakistani, indian dresses... pls contact me....

Posted by: sumaira on 26 Jun ' 11 at 10:03

i m in dubai last 1 month.i have two kids i want to do some thing to my husband to share his financial problam,but with two kids what can i do?i can made pakistani food very well and stiching.plz help me

Posted by: zeb on 23 Jun ' 11 at 12:59

Hi its realy nice to c all of u..atleat some where i found pakistan united...
i am zeb from abu dhabi working as a commercial manager in a german company...I am available for any kind of help for my countrymen...

Posted by: Adnan on 18 Jun ' 11 at 20:43

Hi everyone,

I am Adnan and i am new here, I am looking for some good friend cirle pls feel free to contact me.

Posted by: Abbas Shahid on 14 May ' 11 at 08:50

Hello to all. I am Pakistani and working in Pakistan for last more than 10 years. I have a good experience of corporate Sales and Marketing. I want to come to Dubai in the first week of June'2011. Can any one guide me and help me in finding the jobs related to my experience. I just need that some person only arrange interviews, rest is my luck.
Hope that I can be responded through e-mail.

Posted by: rizwana rauf on 11 Apr ' 11 at 11:41

hi rezwana

i am shifted in dubai before tow month ago. and i m serching job in pakistani help me for job. i live in jumaira .i live with my husbend and two children. bye

Posted by: M.Mazhar on 16 Mar ' 11 at 05:01

Hi every body and good day to all. I am also leving in Dubai since from last 3 year and like Dubai .Different nationalities, culture , languages. So you can find lot of friends here. Yes I am agree if somebody make a Pakistani forum Pakistani community where we shear , discus and help each other. It will be very good for us.

Posted by: Fatima on 12 Mar ' 11 at 12:00

AOA everybody,
since i have moved to dubai, i have difficulty finding nice paksitani dresses here. i am sure lot of you share the same problem. but not any more,please contact 'Fatima' to have access to beautiful collection from paksitan. It includes formal n party wear in decent n funky colors @ very attractive prices. write back. can send you pics thru email. regards,

Posted by: Safdar Khan on 15 Jan ' 11 at 07:50

My wife and kids moved to dubai from London 5 years ago. We think Dubai is one of the best cities in the world for families. My wife runs online marketing success and i work in real estate. We think dubai has a lot to offer the Pakistani community

Posted by: Rizwan on 27 Nov ' 10 at 08:32

I am Rizwan age 39 i have an on going business in Dubai and i visit dubai once every month .Is a great place .

Posted by: Nida on 04 Aug ' 10 at 13:47

Hey Saira !!!

Great idea .....lets start a small community ourselves !!

Posted by: Safia Zaheer khan on 16 Jul ' 10 at 21:49

salam to all,

Posted by: Uzma on 13 Jul ' 10 at 01:09

Hey saira I've sent u an email to join ur group plz consider
I moved to Dubai 2 years back after my wedding and I'm really interested in making new friends. I can't really find much of the Pakistani women around

Posted by: Saira on 08 Jul ' 10 at 07:33

Hi to all da luvly ladies....i run a club of ladyz here in dubai by the name of Ladyz fuzion...if anyone is interested in joining it u r most vlcum....!Its actually a club for networking mainly indians and pakistani ladies...and also we give platform to the talented ladies here in dubai!We had our events in four seasons,Burj Khalifa,PC and our upcoming is on 26th august ...a Meena bazaar kinda thing!Feel free to contact me

Posted by: seema on 30 Jun ' 10 at 18:41

hi nida
Ive just moved here too with my husband and really interested if there is a pakistani community/association to join or even start one up...??

Posted by: Nida on 23 Jun ' 10 at 14:57


I hv been here for 6 months now ....Can anyone pls help me in finding a cook which knows how to cook Pakistani food .....
Dont know many ppl here , Is there any community / association where Pakistani's meet up? :)

Posted by: Khurram on 22 Jun ' 10 at 09:47

Hello Rezwana,

How are you? As many other people have shifted from Canada to UAE, I would want to know what made u do so? Becaz I may have canadian immigration very soon and thinking on my options. Can you please guide?

Thanks & Regards,

Posted by: Khalid Mehmood on 25 May ' 10 at 14:23

Hi, i am khalid from pakistan.I looking a job in dubai. Can somebody help me to provide a social job for me in dubai. I,ll be thank full to you.

Posted by: saadia on 18 May ' 10 at 06:34

hey rezwana
i totallly agree with u could be really boring here if u dnt have ur usual friends frm home,i can say tht cuz i went thru tht difficult time initially..but now i ve adapted to the environment here and i tried making friends amongst my husband's social circle...tht really dnt worry im sure u ll be able to find friends soon enough as well..
also u can join various activies to meet new ppl

Posted by: mrs. muhammad on 16 May ' 10 at 15:15

Asa. we are engaged in a transport business since 4 years. now due to crisis we want to switch to trading. Is there anybody who can help and guide us so that we can start and run our business on smooth lines.

Posted by: shamsa butt on 29 Apr ' 10 at 10:31

any one knows best pakistani foods, any new resturent? arround....except BBQ delight or Ibrahimi....although they are good, still any exciting in price like food....

1 in Sharja, good Buffe with typical paki sweets, Asia Palace in Rolla

Posted by: shamsa butt on 22 Apr ' 10 at 15:53


I am here since 4 years, and doing my own real estate company based in International City but doing all over Dubai, I am here for any favour or any guidence, please don't hesitat to contact me, feel pleasure to assist any new comer.....take care U all...bye

Posted by: Tahira Tanweer on 20 Apr ' 10 at 16:37

Hi All Ladies,

I do Business of Ladies Casual, Formal & Party dresses where i have tied up a partnership with one of the designer wear in Pakistan. I you are interested send me a mail & will reply you back with the picture of the dresses. Mail me at


Posted by: jamila on 19 Apr ' 10 at 10:04

I moved to Dubai with my 2 year old son and husband, although Dubai is one of the places where everyone would love to be but there is nothing like pakistan, we moved from London and i thought i will be close to pakistan.
its been 2 weeks here but i still have feeling of being on vacation, i hope i will adjust to this environment soon,i guess working here would help me adjust here more .

Posted by: rezwana on 12 Apr ' 10 at 06:06

i am very new here,i don't have any frnds over here,that's why i feel very bored.i have 2 beautiful daughters.i came from canada

Posted by: rezwana on 12 Apr ' 10 at 05:54

hi,i am very new in dubai. i came from canada.i don't have any frnds over here,that's why i feel very bored.i have 2 daughters.

Posted by: Khurram on 15 Feb ' 10 at 12:43

I totally agree to the last point you have made here. We miss nothing here but the family, ofcourse or a social circle that people like me had built up while living major part of their life in pakistan.

Posted by: ismail on 07 Apr ' 09 at 13:30

i am la freelance translator ooking a quite and clean room for a month in jumerah.

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