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With a 10,000 strong community Germans are one of the biggest expat groups in Dubai. Time Out talks to German expats about life in Dubai Comments

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Johannes Roos, 32

Dubai’s business industry is booming so much, it’s just incredible – especially in the oil and gas industry. Combine this with its fascinating local culture and multicultural mix of people and my life here feels so exciting. I especially appreciate the entertainment here. Whether it’s clubbing at a great place, such as Zinc at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, or doing different sports, this place always keeps my spirits up.

I came to Dubai this year on July 1 – right in the middle of summer. I work as a sales executive for a German company, Thyssen Krupp Mannex, in the steel-processing industry. Back in Germany, I used to play hockey at a very high level. There are actually some hockey tryouts and pick-up games here next week, which I’ll definitely attend. Hopefully they’ll lead to more games.

There are things I don’t enjoy here. Most people here just can’t drive a car properly; there are always fatal accidents, which is horrible. Furthermore, there are a lot of unqualified people here, in different areas of life, which can be really time-consuming. Also, I never ask someone about directions anymore, as everyone seems to have a different version of how to get to a place, instead of admitting they just don’t know how to get there. I’m starting to miss the four seasons we have in Germany; the summer here is just brutal. Nevertheless, I went golfing the other day. I’m just a complete sports-addict!

The restaurants here are amazing, although I still miss the good old traditional Alt beer from my hometown, Düsseldorf. Hofbräuhaus restaurant at the JW Marriott seems to pretend to be a German restaurant, but it’s actually Bavarian, which always had its own unique and almost separate culture within Germany.

I’m definitely not homesick, the city is way too dynamic to get depressed. But true friendship is still hard to find here. Everything in Dubai is geared towards a business contract, designed for a specific period of time. My contract lasts until 2010. After that I’m planning to go back to Germany.

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Posted by: Hindawi on 24 Nov ' 14 at 04:10

I am Canadian and speaks German. Looking for German chat group that meet-up occasionally for social activities

Posted by: Khan on 29 Oct ' 13 at 09:41

I am also learning German language, moving to Germany has always been my biggest wish, though due to some reason i never went to learn German language or go to the country.

I would like to know how German people welcomes people from other nationalities/countries?

Also if anyone here who would like to help me in learning German language kindly let me know.

Kind regards.

Posted by: Adnan Dani on 10 Oct ' 12 at 04:29

its my pleasureto have a community of germens in UAE. oops actually i am not a germen but i have listen alot from my university fellows who are now in germeny about the peopel and their values in germeny specially their strong industry of diffrent manufacturing . i would love to if anybody let me know about joining a community if i can. thanks in advance . you can direct guied me at

Posted by: Pia on 18 May ' 12 at 18:40

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Hello! I'm seeking for an au pair job in the untied arab emirates. You are looking for an aupair?? Or you know someone who is looking for?? Please contact me!

Posted by: Jeff on 24 Sep ' 11 at 08:05

I'm learning German language in Dubai and I am looking for German people to talk and practice with. I have been looking for them here but I haven't met any.


Posted by: Roodabeh on 03 Sep ' 11 at 13:53

Hello there,
I'm an Iranian who's interested in having a relarelationship with German women.My husband is from Germany we live in Dubai .I'd like to hear from you.
Thanks & take care.

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