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There is more to Japan than just sumo and sushi. Japanese expats talk to Time Out about their life in Dubai 20 Comments

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Bento-ya, (04 343 0222) Sheikh Zayed Road

Choitrams, (04 209 6456) Hyatt Regency

Ikebana Sogetsu Group, (04 262 0282) Opp. Syrian Consulate, Al Waheda, Deira. Classes are for women only

Kiku (04 282 4040) Le Meridien Dubai, Garhoud

Kisaku (04 223 1000) Al Khaleej Palace, Al Maktoum Road, Deira

Nihongo Circle, (04 317 1234) Meets every Saturday. See www.dxbnihongocircle.nomaki.jp

Sushi (04 317 1234) Grand Hyatt, Oud Metha

By Daisy Carrington and Chris Lord
Time Out Dubai,

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Posted by: Guzel Gafurova on 13 Nov ' 14 at 17:34

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Dear all lovers of Japanese culture, We are delight to announce opening of first Mochi cafe in Dubai. Edo cafe is located at City Walk Dubai and Mirdif City Center. We are happy to offer to all mochi cream and mochi ice cream lovers outdoor delivery and catering of events. Regards, Guzel.

Posted by: Mel on 19 Aug ' 14 at 19:52

Hi All
Seems everybody is just asking questions without any answers
There is a Japanese grocery below my building in Oud Metha are, this is near lamcy plaza. This store has everything from Japan

Posted by: Janice ian frias on 10 Jul ' 13 at 11:39

Hi i just want to ask is anybody knows where i can find like a japanese grocery i want there seafoods noodles

Posted by: Faye on 02 Apr ' 13 at 19:49

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Hi, I Just want to ask if u guys having an idea about this Japanese essential shampoo if it's available in UAE? Pls let me know about the store and location..tnx much!

Posted by: ahmed on 14 Jul ' 12 at 07:41

I am looking for a Japanese teacher to have language classes

thank you

Posted by: Farooq on 10 Jun ' 12 at 21:04

Hi Looking Some place to get Japanese Food in Dubai,Natto and Messo,Please Help Me ....

Posted by: Prash Patel on 11 Apr ' 12 at 02:03

I am looking for a Japanese teacher to have language classes. I am a UK expat living in Dubai for the past 7 years. If there are any Japanese teachers pls contact on my email (pp121972@gmail.com). Reason for learning is I want to visit Japan soon

Posted by: Anand Natarajan on 20 Jan ' 12 at 21:55

Hi Darya. My wife and I moved here to Dubai after a long stint in Japan. We miss the place and miss talking in Japanese. We can definitely meet up if you are interested. また日本語喋りたい!

Posted by: Nashwa on 09 Jan ' 12 at 08:16

Require Japanese/Korean female hostesses for an Exhibition for 3 days.
Time :: TBC
Payment :: TBC
Language Spoken :: English/Japanese or Korean
Must be presentable and friendly
Forward Resume & pictures(with 1 full length) to :: victoriad.ideas@gmail.com
Subject as Japanese/Korean hostess

Posted by: Darya on 22 Dec ' 11 at 07:15

Was living in japan for a 3 years and can talk japaneese.... Was wondering if there is people who speaks japaneese and wants to have a friend from the other nationality :))))....

Posted by: Saith on 17 Dec ' 11 at 12:28

Need a Japanese Model for the launch of a Japanese Luxury car in January . Contact Sajith@ibuz.ae

Posted by: Simone Touma on 12 Dec ' 11 at 13:17

Hi, Hope my e mail finds you well.
I run a big company in the UAE and Iam launching a new theme for the employees early next year about " Ownership and excellence in Execution" and who is better than janponese to learn from when it comes to this specefic value. do you know if there are japonese tales, or a speaker in Dubai who could help inspire my team with stories or the way the culture of ownership, responsability and excellence in execution is nurtured in the people in Japan ? .
thank you indeed.

Posted by: ASTS on 30 Nov ' 11 at 19:32

Hi All,

We are urgently looking for Japanese-English interpreter for a meeting in Abu Dhabi. Would someone of you can refer us who can do this type of work.

Please email at (stsexperts@gmail.com)

Posted by: hi i just wanted to know where i can get items for a table top japanese zen garden in dubai or sharjah on 21 Oct ' 11 at 12:50

The UAE is truly a melting pot of different cultures and you can be yourself no need to put up appearences

Posted by: tuba on 14 Oct ' 11 at 07:40

hi i am searching for matcha green tea plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me where from i can get this tea in dubai i m waiting for your answer take care and best wishes for you and your cute family

Posted by: tuba on 11 Oct ' 11 at 17:13

hi i am searching for matcha green tea plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me where from i can get this tea in dubai i m waiting for your answer take care and best wishes for you and your cute family

Posted by: Larissa on 06 Apr ' 11 at 02:59

There is ice skating show is coming up: "HELP JAPAN"
When: 9 April 2011, 6-7 pm
Where: Al Nasr Lesurelend, behind American Hospital
What: Figure Skating Exhibition. The most talented young figure skaters of the Middle East are performing to help JAPAN.

Tickets: 75 dhs for adults and 50 dhs for children

Come and Watch!

Posted by: Hamid Djidi on 06 Feb ' 11 at 08:56

Good Day,

I would be very grateful if you could advice if there is any japanese furniture shops around I am looking for a tatami mats, tea sets and japanese lantern (wall, ceiling & floor)
Warm Regards

Posted by: NikGt on 13 Apr ' 10 at 06:39

@RT: there are more than you think.... it is very tricky to meet them though as they are all spread our in dubai. best thing is to hook up w/ the ladies that work in the real japanese restaurants...they should know...good luck

Posted by: RT on 14 Feb ' 09 at 10:02

I wonder if there are any single working Japanese women in Dubai? Seems like there are very few of them out there ... I've yet to meet someone like me. :)

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