Brazilian expats living in Dubai

Time Out talks to the UAE's Brazilian expats about their experiences of living and working in Dubai. Here's what they think about living here 13 Comments

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Evelin Costa Gibbons, 33

‘Two and a half years ago, my husband was invited to build a water park in Dubai. At the time, we had just left Mexico after five years, to work on a theme park back in Brazil. But we abandoned that to move to Dubai – if you’re in the entertainment business, this is the place to be. Everywhere else in the world, such as Spain and France, they’re closing parks – but here they’re still building them.

Of course, I miss the heat and happiness in Brazil. Everybody smiles and cheers for everything. Here, people don’t smile; they don’t clap for the music. But the security here is amazing. In Brazil and Mexico people suffer kidnaps. We weren’t kidnapped ourselves, but I went to workshops every three months for advice on what to do if it ever happened. Here, you can pretty much keep your door open. Even before we bought a television here, we bought diamond rings. At home, they’d chop off your finger to get to them, so we couldn’t wait to be able to wear them.

As far as I know there are only two Brazilian restaurants in the UAE – Pachanga in the Hilton Jumeirah, and one in the Intercontinental in Abu Dhabi, Chamas, which is fabulous and just like home. The UK people at Waitrose are introducing lots of Brazilian products too.

Our favourite item of clothing at home is the bikini. Luckily we don’t miss them here – Priais has a store in BurJuman and Mall of the Emirates. We also have great jeans, but you can’t get them here. People think Brazilian girls have amazing bodies – but no, it’s just the jeans we’re wearing. You can get them in Lebanon, but not here.’

By Becky Lucas
Time Out Dubai,

User reviews:

Posted by: Cristiane Wanderley on 22 Mar ' 13 at 17:53

Hello Guys,
I am looking for a Brazilian Hair Salon in Dubai. Do you guys know any? Thanks :D

Posted by: Deshan on 30 Aug ' 12 at 14:59

Can you guess how many Brazilians live in Dubai/UAE? Also who are the frequent travelers between Dubai and Brazil.Thank you.

Posted by: Nora on 15 Jun ' 12 at 21:11

Any brazil night in town to sing and dance?
Tx for the tips?

Posted by: Alessandra Cardoso on 27 Feb ' 12 at 10:44

For those of you asking about a place to eat Brazilian food, please see Sweet Brasil which just opened in Dubai Ladies Club and are soon to be opened in Jumeira Lake Towers.

They serve all of our favourite savouries and sweeties!!! The food is amazing!!

Posted by: Soraia on 05 Apr ' 11 at 14:36

Alguem sabe o endereco de um salao de cabelereiro brasileiro ou onde posso comprar produtos de beleza brasileiros em Dubai?
Muitissimo obrigada,

Posted by: Mohamed on 29 Dec ' 10 at 07:16

Hey Guys,

Are there any other Brazilian restaurants in Dubai besidePachanga? And what about the Brazilain Night in Crown Plaza Festival City , is it weekly or once in a while?

Thank you!

Posted by: klitos on 28 Dec ' 10 at 06:45

brasilian nuts are available in LULU al raha beach and probably all LULU

Posted by: aabdulla on 06 Nov ' 10 at 22:59

please let me know where can i buy brazilian nuts in dubai

Posted by: Azfar on 16 Oct ' 10 at 13:01

Well just wanted to add that there is a Brazilian night in Dubai Festival City Crowne Plaza in the restaurant Zaytoun. It is lovely and happens on thursday I beleive.

Posted by: muhajir on 20 Apr ' 10 at 16:11

Olá Amigos,
Favor informar-me sobre os salões de beleza do Brasil em Dubai .
Hello Friends,
Please infor me about Brazilian beauty salons in Dubai..

Posted by: Luiz on 07 Apr ' 09 at 02:49

Are there Brazilian horse riders there? I am thinking about going to Dubai and wanted to know if there was anyone who has information about the equestrian center.

Posted by: gracie celso on 25 Mar ' 09 at 09:10

hi guys! do you know any afro brazilian band in dubai?

Posted by: Dina on 10 Dec ' 08 at 13:15

Who knew so many different nationalities lived in Dubai, I guess it is as multicultural as they tell us. Great to hear different views on life here.

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