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Al Nafoorah, Jumeirah Emirates Towers (04 319 8088)

Boom & Mellow, Mall of the Emirates (04 341 3993)

Ghraoui Chocolates, Dubai Mall (04 339 8264)

Karam Beirut, Mall of the Emirates (04 341 2202)

Zyara, Sheikh Zayed Road (04 343 5454)

Syrian National Day, April 17

Country Profile

Syria can lay claim to a rich and ancient past. It traces its roots as far back as the Eblan civilisation, founded around 3,000BC. Later it was a rich Roman province, with at least three emperors hailing from the territory, then at the centre of the Islamic empire.

More recently, it was part of the Ottoman Empire, until 1920 when the country came under French mandate, before becoming independent in ’46.

After independence, Syria was subject to a period of political instability and, in 1958, unified with Egypt and became known as the United Arab Republic; unification lasted less than three years.

Since 1970, Syria has been ruled first by Hafiz al-Asad and, since his death in 2000, by his son, Bashar al-Asad. Syrian troops patrolled the streets of Lebanon from 1976, but withdrew in 2005.

By Daisy Carrington
Time Out Dubai,

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