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Americans account for just 19,000 of Dubai’s 1.2 million population Comments

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Joe Clabby, 55

‘Several years ago, I brought the family to visit Dubai as I’d been coming here since the 1980s. I wanted them to see what I’d seen. When my daughter suggested attending a high school in Dubai, it was my wife, Jane who said, “And I’d like to move there as well!” My business in the States wasn’t doing its best, and after the suggestion from the ladies in my life, I saw an opportunity to make the move here too. I travel a lot, and now I feel like I am in the centre of the world. I can get anywhere now; Asia and Europe seem more accessible.

We were lucky to find a home on The Palm, where we can have our dog, our kids can get to school in less than 15 minutes, and we are able to taxi everywhere. We didn’t buy a car here, and are perfectly happy without one. We have also found that our kids are getting a world-class education. They were the top of their class in America, and here they are finding that international students know a thing or two, and they have to work very hard to keep up.’

By Jeremy Lawrence
Time Out Dubai,

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Posted by: betsy saffarewich on 19 Sep ' 11 at 01:05

I am trying to contact Dave Stuckey....old friend of my x now. want to go sailing with him again!!

Posted by: Bill McCown on 12 Jan ' 11 at 16:46


My family and I are looking at relocating to Dubai. I had a job offer that may not materialize. I have been a business owner like you for many years and run business operations. I would like to converse with you to get your personal perspective on the move. we are still strongly commited to making the move having done our initial research.

Please contact me if able via email with any thoughts, suggestions, leads, etc...

Thank you very much for your time.



Posted by: Kami on 13 Oct ' 10 at 16:42

I am an American visiting Dubai and was wondering what is the best way to find a job here. I really like it here and was looking into staying behind if possible.

Posted by: David on 14 Dec ' 09 at 11:41

Hello there,
I'm an American who's interested in buying a condo/apartment in Dubai & perhaps move there. If there are any Americans there who'd be interested in selling his/her condo/apartment, I'd like to hear from you.
Thanks & take care.
David from Minneapolis, MN USA

Posted by: black on 25 Aug ' 09 at 04:04

Really . it's wonderfull city .. i wish to come again to vist it , and get work . god bless it

Posted by: Jeyben on 27 May ' 09 at 13:48

What great and inspiring stories. I hope one day to return to Dubai and write a similar story of my own.
For now, I just enjoy TIme Out Dubai.

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