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Some of the 50,000 South African expats in Dubai tell Time Out about life in the UAE 11 Comments

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Nirvana Govender, 27

‘I moved out here to study at the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management about six years ago. One of the things I truly appreciate about Dubai is the security, something lacking in South Africa. Also, I appreciate that I’ve had the chance to meet people from everywhere. It’s brought out another side of me, almost given me a window into all of the countries of the world – without even having to go anywhere.
‘Don’t get me wrong though, SA has a lot to offer. The environment of the country is just beautiful. The wildlife and bush provide an opportunity to get close to nature. SA is a lot older than the UAE, so culturally it’s stronger and more aware, but Dubai will get there, I’m sure of it.

‘This city has been good to me and, although one can never really say what will happen next, I’d like to stay here for another eight to 10 years. If I wanted to start a family, SA isn’t as safe as Dubai. But that won’t keep me away from South Africa – I visit up to three times every year.

‘South Africa has plenty to offer, the adventurous person that I used to be in SA is lost now. Hopefully she’ll come back as opportunities for less work and more play grow here. I’ve managed to settle down and kill the homesickness and I am fairly satisfied with how things are at the moment. It would be nice to have a little more greenery here though. Nature is something Dubai residents would enjoy.’

By Time Out Dubai staff
Time Out Dubai,

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Posted by: Latifa on 25 Oct ' 13 at 18:03

Hi, I have been here for 2 months now and will be here for the next 2 years, and would love to my fellow South Africans

Posted by: Liza Gil on 25 Mar ' 13 at 09:48

Hi, i stayed in dubai for a year and recently returned back home to south africa. in dubai i was using a 3 step skin care system called proactiv that i usually purchased from boots pharmacy, sadly it is not sold here in south africa at all :( my acne has flared up again. Is there anyone in dubai who will be travelling to johannesburg specifically? or who can post this product to me?

Posted by: Waydz on 18 May ' 12 at 10:38

does anyone know of someone in Dubai who offers a service for Attestations or police Clearance Certificatesfrom South Africa?

Posted by: Jinny Hargovan on 15 Apr ' 12 at 19:06

Hi There, I am 37 years old with 2 kids ages 5 & 8 respectively. My husband has a job offer in Dubai which we think is a pretty decent offer but he has to decide before the end of the month. We have done so much research but still not sure whether we should relocate. We lead an average lifestyle in SA and I work part time from home. I will be stay at home mum should we relocate to Dubai at least for a year or so. Any advice???

Posted by: Jewel on 16 Feb ' 12 at 05:08

I am an american looking to locate to Dubai and would like to know a good recruiting/employeement firm to work with. Please post a name and experiences are 10 years of business owning.

Posted by: Adel on 04 Feb ' 12 at 18:03

Looking for South african friends!! My husband works most of the time! would love to have someone to chat to and spend all the lonely days with!

Posted by: geralden petersen on 08 Jan ' 12 at 07:33

Hi, i recently relocated to dubai from cape town and would like to meet south african's, please contact me via email

Posted by: Sonja on 05 Jan ' 12 at 07:19

Hi, I am moving to Dubai June 2012. Can anybody tell me if there is a realiable agency I can contact to get a full time live in maid. I need to work and it would be great if I can get a maid as soon as possible to start July 2012.

You might know of anyone leaving Dubai at that time that has a maid with good reference

Posted by: Jana on 19 Sep ' 11 at 15:22

Hi!I am a young South African with a Masters degree in Logistics, and am desperately looking for a job in Dubai! Problem is, I don't know which recruiters to use,as my internet searches have yielded hundreds.Any advice??
Thanks so much!!

Posted by: jANNIE on 21 Jun ' 11 at 01:46

Hi, I need to go for Job Interviews in Dubai in August this year, would love to meet up with fellow South Africans, will be awesome, let me know please? Thank you.

Posted by: florine on 08 Feb ' 11 at 12:28

I am in Dubai for a month, visiting a friend. Is there anyway that I can meet up with South Africans? I need to make a decision about my relationship, and would love to talk to other south africans who had to move here

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