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Volunteer in UAE

How you can get involved with fundraising operations in Dubai

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20 new charity campaigns

Donate your time and money to these fundraising campaigns

Dubai community events

Etiquette workshop, gaming convention, kitten adoption and more

12 community events in Dubai

Blood donation, alphabet dining, science and more community events

Water 4 Workers in Dubai

We meet the volunteers giving time and money to support Dubai labourers

11 community events in Dubai

Clowns who care, health screening, business networking and more

Dubai Round Table club

What exactly happens at this men-only society in Dubai?

12 community events

Give a cat a home and 11 more new ideas to try

Dubai rock academy

Making music could be the secret to corporate success

12 cool community events

Learn German, cultural advice, Photoshop training and much more

Do you need a Will in Dubai?

What happens to your belongings if you die in Dubai?

14 fun community events

Tiffin club, Italian lessons, balcony gardening and more

World Oceans Day in Dubai

Watch turtles nesting and find out how you can help the environment

14 great community events this week

Spanish fiesta, kizomba dancing, pet adoption and more

TribeFit social workout in Dubai

Movies, bingo and barbecues at the gym. No, really!

13 community events in Dubai

Network, mingle, discuss and more ways to make friends in Dubai

Café Scientifique in Dubai

New café for Dubai's most inquisitive grown ups

12 community events in Dubai

Scrabble championship, photography workshop and more alternative fun

Pest control in Dubai

How to safely deal with cockroaches, bedbougs, rats and more in Dubai

Friends of animals in Dubai

We spend an afternoon with homeless cats in Dubai

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