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HoofbeatZ horse therapy in Dubai

Conquer emotions with the help of horses

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13 community events in Dubai

Watch Skyfall with fellow film-lovers or dress your dog for Halloween

Feline Friends's Kitten Ball in Dubai

We learn how social event will help the city's cats

The Gardens v The Greens in Dubai

We ask which of these verdant communities is greener

Community events in Dubai

Meet skate enthusiasts or help keep the sea clean

Sew pink marathon in Dubai

Help out with this 24-hour sewing marathon

Kayaking around the Palm in Dubai

Two expats will set off on a 25km kayak trip for Lara’s Foundation

Community events in Dubai

Become a comedian or meet new people over coffee

Box appeals in the UAE

We give you the lowdown on helping those in need

Community events in Dubai

Take snaps at the marina at night or network with software developers

Learn a language in Dubai

Add to your linguistic reportoire for European Day of Languages

Community events in Dubai

Take part in a box appeal or make friends with foodies

Help to protect the ozone layer

The Montreal Protocal celebrates its 25th anniversary this week

Community events in Dubai

Blood donation, fundraising exercises, community workshops and more

9 ways to live a more eco-friendly life

An environmentally friendly lifestyle isn’t restricted to recycling soda cans

Look, cute cats!

We went to the Feline Friends adopt-a-cat day and look what we found

Community events in Dubai

Get ahead in your career or join The Tiffin Club

Dubai's social media revolution?

New site aims to engage the city's residents in a new way



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