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14 best community events in Dubai

Find a funny flash mob, sew with friends and more things to try

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UAE water consumption

Water campaigning group, Surge, launches in the Middle East

Top Dubai community events

Social crafts, lindy-hop dancing, board game fun and more community events

Community events in Dubai

Learn Turkish, eat picnic, sponsor a child and more things to do

Save the UAE sharks

How you can join the fight for survival of UAE sharks

Top community events this week

Improve yourself, your friends and the whole world

Fair trade in Dubai

Sustainable shopping to ceate a fairer world

10 cute cats looking for a home

Adopt a homeless feline in Dubai. Look at their little faces

Dubai community events

Fundraising and fun events in Dubai this week

Customer service in Dubai

Customer relation expert Ron Kaufman shares his views on Dubai’s service providers

Dubai Miracle Garden

We explore the city's 'most beautiful garden'

14 community events in Dubai

Festivals, charity events and more community events in Dubai

Essential community events

Networking, street festival, horse riding and more things to try

Jumeirah Disabled Diving Tawasul

The dive centre teaching disabled swimmers how to scuba dive in Dubai

Celebrating Dubai’s Irish community

Irish ambassador Ciarán Madden on the UAE's Irish expat community

Community events in Dubai

The Oil Barons' Ball and more charitable events in Dubai this week

Post natal depression in Dubai

The Dubai mums hoping to help combat new baby blues

Thrift stores in Dubai

Why one of Dubai’s oldest charity shops is facing a bleak future

Community events in Dubai

Book sales, recycling drives, charity cricket and more



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