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Business networking in Dubai

Want help getting your business off the ground? Start networking

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Events around town this week

Make new friends and get stuck into the community today

Uncommon Dubai

A new guide book has brought a pool of writers, artists and poets together

Make new friends this week

Outdoor cinema to Chinese speakers' corner - our round-up of around town events and community happenings

New focus on autism

The new Doris Duan-Young Autism Centre in Healthcare City heralds a step towards helping many in the emirate

Community events in Dubai

Networking opportunities and charitable events in Dubai

Easter in Dubai 2014

From chocolate egg hunts to scuba-diving Easter bunnies

Nine community events this week in Dubai

Adopt a cat, join a book club or make a short film

Drop Your Shorts for Dubai's workers

Campaign for old swimwear donations to let labourers on the beach

Gardening in Dubai

The first International Garden Competition sprouts up

Community events this week

Meet new folk, adopt a pet, or visit the Dubai Festival of Lights

Earth Hour 2014 in Dubai

How the UAE is helping the global green drive, and how you can get involved

Events around town this week

Cultural days out, live music and more events in Dubai

How to make friends in Dubai

Get out of the house with these community gatherings and events

The world's longest wedding dress

Ambitious bid to create a dress 5km long - yes, FIVE KILOMETRES

Get out of the house this week

Arty cinema to Arabic classes, and plenty in between


More than 230,000 images collected as part of huge social media celebration

Community events this week in Dubai

Learn Mandarin, anti-bullying party and more networking opportunities

International Women's Day in Dubai

Dubai Women’s Museum museum founder has plans for International Women’s Day

Community events this week in Dubai

Charity events, meet-up groups and a new food festival



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