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The world's longest wedding dress

Ambitious bid to create a dress 5km long - yes, FIVE KILOMETRES

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Get out of the house this week

Arty cinema to Arabic classes, and plenty in between


More than 230,000 images collected as part of huge social media celebration

Community events this week in Dubai

Learn Mandarin, anti-bullying party and more networking opportunities

International Women's Day in Dubai

Dubai Women’s Museum museum founder has plans for International Women’s Day

Community events this week in Dubai

Charity events, meet-up groups and a new food festival

Get your geek on at SciFest Dubai

What's in store at Dubai's first ever science festival

Where to meet fresh faces in Dubai

Community groups, social meet-ups, volunteering and more

Meet the first Arab woman to climb Everest

Suzanne Al Houby hopes to inspire others to support disabled children

Ten community events in Dubai this week

Meet new friends or make a difference in your neighbourhood

Staring at the stars

We meet the UAE's stargazing community

Arty snaps by Dubai photographers

Dubai photographers share their personal projects for Gulf Photo Plus

Celebrate Chinese New Year in Dubai

Chinese expats tell us what to expect from the Year of the Horse

Top ten community events in Dubai this week

Make Japanese knot bags, take an evening walk or visit a poetry night

Live poetry and music night in Dubai

Singer-songwriters and poets take the mic in Al Fahidi

Nine ways to make new friends in Dubai

Clubs and community groups to try this week

This week's best community events

Full Moon desert drumming, motivational courses for women and more

Finding a helping hand in Dubai

Do someone a favour today with a skills-sharing community website

Shopping ethically in Dubai

From clothes to books, where to give something back when you buy

Nine ways to make new friends in Dubai

Social groups and community things to get involved with today



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