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Re-homes abandoned and stray dogs 16 Reviews

Re-homes abandoned and stray dogs.

By Time Out Dubai staff
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  • Location: Jebel Ali, Dubai
  • Tel: 04 885 8031
  • Travel: Jebel Ali Industrial Area
  • Website | Send mail
  • Times: Open Sat-Thu 9am-1pm

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User reviews:

Posted by: Reem on 01 Jul ' 12 at 07:53

Hi, i was looking for a puppy to adopt ,i would really love to adopt a puppy (I love puppies) acctually i wanted a puppy since i was a baby and now i really want one if you woul like to give out some puppies please email me
i live in al mizhar 2 , al khartoum street ,road 7a ,villa 1.
please contact me through my email.

Posted by: ALLWYN RODRIGUES on 07 Jan ' 12 at 17:20


Posted by: Ettiene du Plessis on 23 Sep ' 11 at 08:51

Hello, I am looking for a saussage dog puppy - he/she has a very loving home to come to. Please let me know if anybody knows of any that are available.

Posted by: Kate Cardona on 21 Jun ' 11 at 03:16

Hello K9! I would like to be part of your organization, i am willing to volunteer and share my spare time during my off. Kindly send me the details on how to register or be part of it... maybe i could help you guys... Thanks a lot!

Posted by: iqra on 18 Mar ' 11 at 13:40

I want to work for ur organisation n want to help the animals plz let me know how to join ur organisation

Posted by: Desshere de Silva on 09 Mar ' 11 at 06:43

I lost my little shitzu (white with black patches) two years ago with my cat white colour with little patches on head and tail in jumeirah when i left dubai. wanted to come back but due to personal reasons could not come back and i lost my job too. I am always thinking about them whether anybody is taking care of them. I lov to get them back to me if i can find. please help.

Posted by: Renessa on 30 Sep ' 10 at 04:58

I love You K(!! igot my Dog From there!! and i love it <3

Posted by: mounika reddy on 20 Jun ' 10 at 13:14

hi, i really love dogs as 2y rears back i had two pugs . one female and one male.....but then we had to sell them due to financial problems.
i am a 16 and my summer vacation is going to start on july 8..i just really look forward to coming up snd doing a summer job...like volunteering...or something!!
thank you and keep up the good work of helping these loyal animals
please let me know a few details as i really wish to spend my summer helping theses wonderful animals...

Posted by: Sam on 16 Mar ' 10 at 13:18

I think k9 friends is a good place but i think u should have more room in the cages cuz i saw like 3 dogs in each cage PLUS i got my dog from that place

Posted by: dipti jain on 11 Mar ' 10 at 09:08

K9 you guys r doing a wonderful job...thanx for being so considerate

Posted by: cameron & conor on 09 Sep ' 09 at 07:04

hi i love your website and we are going to chose your charity for are school project. keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Myra Adnan on 30 Aug ' 09 at 08:10

I would love to do some volunteer work at K9 Friends, please let me know how? I've already emailed and found no reply.
Would love to help!

Posted by: jackie on 22 Jul ' 09 at 13:03

i would really really love to volunteer in this institution but where exactly in jumeira is k9 friends?

where can i find the address?

Posted by: Nandini Menon on 24 May ' 09 at 06:24

I love K9 friends and would like to help during my summer school vacation. Please could you e-mail and let me know if I can help? Thank you.

Posted by: Lina Khairallah on 06 May ' 09 at 15:40


Posted by: Natalya Al Omary on 06 May ' 09 at 15:39

This is an amazing place, and i hope things get better for k9 friends.
I would like to volenteer to help you guys out

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