Often, we go all-out for something big and exciting thinking that it is going to give us amazing experience. Sure, big moments create big memories, but if we forget to enjoy all the little day to day moments that make life great, we could be missing out on a lot of other memories. Xperia L2 will make sure you don’t skip any of those moments.

The 3,300 mAh battery means you can do more of what you love for longer, and intuitive Xperia smart charging technologies ensure the battery stays healthy during its lifespan.

And with its 120° super wide-angle 8MP front camera your selfies will look greater, allowing you to fit more friends and more of the scenery into your selfie, and its 13MP rear camera ensures clear and crisp mobile photography.

Xperia L2 also features expansive 5.5” HD screen which is great for enjoying video, browsing and social networks on the go. it comes in colours: Black, Gold and Pink - each rendered with reflective surfaces, emphasizing the “loop surface” design, and unlocking is made easy with a single touch via the rear fingerprint sensor.