5 minutes with... Roberto's chef Andrea in Dubai

Get to know Roberto's executive chef Andrea Mugavero in Dubai

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How to give children a balanced diet

Just what do children need in their diet in order to stay strong and healthy and how much do they require?

What you need to know about Dubai Fitness Festival

Dubai Fitness Festival is coming to the emirate in 2015, here's what you need to know about the so far released details

The benefits of eating whole grains

Here's why it's a good idea to put plenty of whole grains in you and your family's diets, plus where to find them in Dubai

Ultimate bar snacks

Explore some of Dubai’s oldest, quirkiest and most undeservedly overlooked bars

10 ‘restabars’ to try

Check out these venues that are perfect for pre- or post-dinner drinks

Fantastic Filipino clubs

Been left to your own devices for a few weeks? Put those long nights to good use and get out on the town to these Dubai bars

Bars and pubs you probably haven’t visited yet

These may not be the most obvious nightspots to visit in Dubai but they certainly are worth popping into

More summer-savvy spots

Cool ideas to keep you entertained throughout the hottest months

Inside Dubai's Butterfly Garden

With more than 15,000 insects flying freely within nine indoor domes, the Dubai Butterfly Garden is unlike any other attraction in the city. Benita Adesuyan finds out why it’s worth taking a walk among the fluttering wings

Experience a Gastronomer’s Dinner in Dubai

Dine at three different restaurants inside Dubai's Jumeirah Emirates Tower as part of this incredible Gastronomer's Dinner opportunity

A handy guide to yoga in Dubai

Yoga has gone mainstream, and it’s becoming more common for men to get involved. With so many different disciplines to choose from, Matt Fortune helps you find the perfect place to start

Calligraphy lesson in Dubai

Chanelle Tourish puts pen to paper at Ductac’s Arabic Calligraphy and Islamic Borders class

First Aid course in Dubai

Accidents happen, but first aid training can help prevent a tragedy. Bienvenido Quiocho, a qualified first aid instructor with The Perfect Help, explains how to gain your own lifesaving skills

Peyton Reed on Ant-Man

Marvel director Peyton Reed on the making of Ant-Man

Jake Gyllenhaal Southpaw interview

Jake Gyllenhaal has reinvented himself again for Southpaw

Where to get S’mores in Dubai

Ahead of S’mores day next week, Penelope Walsh looks at Dubai’s current trend for this campsite treat

10 travel and hotel deals this week

Hotel and travel deals in Dubai and beyond this week

13 best sport events in Dubai this week

Beach tennis, Parkour, swimming and more ways to work up a sweat

Dubai foodie news

Another Latin takeover arrives, Gaucho goes cinematic, and Indian Independence reaches its 69th year


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5 things to do today in Dubai
Aug 1

Saturday roast at Gaucho or play a summer golf tournament

5 things to do tomorrow in Dubai
Aug 1

Tour Jumeirah Mosque or try an intense workout

Emiratis are toughest hotel reviewers
Jul 31

Agoda hotel survey compares average hotel review scores by nationality


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