Football supporters clubs in Dubai

Enjoy the match with your fellow supporters at these Dubai clubs

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Best karaoke bars in Dubai

Time Out reviews the best karaoke bars in Dubai, including Korean karaoke, Harry Ghatto's and more of the best bars in Dubai with karaoke booths or stages

Great summer golf deals in Dubai

Where to play golf at discounted rates in Dubai this summer

Interview: Austin and Ally's Laura Marano in Dubai

We speak to 19-year-old Disney star Laura Marano about being label mates with Taylor Swift, admiring Zendaya and her excitement to meet Dubai fans

Josh Trank on Fantastic Four

Superhero director on his dream cast, James Bond and more

Family fun in Dubai

Sesame Street Live, Abada Capoeira, Family brunch at Al Bahou and more

London's best karaoke bars

Rock the mic like a boss at one of these pitch-perfect singalong events

How damaging are your high heels?

Did you know that your shoes could be causing health problems for you? Here's how to make sure you're safe in your footwear

The many uses of coconut oil

What is coconut oil and what can you do with it? From cooking to cleaning, we explain the why it's cool to take the healthier approach

What is sensory processing disorder

Why their may be more to your child's fidgeting than you first thought

5 minutes with... Roberto's chef Andrea in Dubai

Get to know Roberto's executive chef Andrea Mugavero in Dubai

How to give children a balanced diet

Just what do children need in their diet in order to stay strong and healthy and how much do they require?

What to expect from early years education

UAE-based teachers on how you can expect to see your children change at school

What is cyberbullying?

Beat the Cyberbully expert explains the importance of safety on the web

Going back to work after having a baby

Super Granny Andalene Salvesen offers advice to mothers returning to work

Mum’s the word

Louise Emma Clarke will be at the school gates in September – if she makes it out the door on time, that is…

Back to school checklist

What you need to do before sending kids back to school

Banish anxiety from the school run

10 tips to make dropping kids off at school easier this year

Prepare for a new school term

Expert educator Heather Mann shares her advice for back to school families


The Knowledge

5 things to do today in Dubai
Aug 5

Attend grape pairing and dinner at Rosso or play table tennis for free at DSW

5 things to do tomorrow in Dubai
Aug 5

See Disney Pixar’s latest film or feast at A.O.C. French Brasserie

Robot cleaners coming to Dubai malls
Aug 4

Dubai Festival City Mall is testing the Intellibot robotic cleaner


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