Dubai nightlife news

Zero Gravity season line-up, a new single from DJ Bliss and more

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Smokingroove DJ on the UAE house scene

Marko Ben-Aicha of Smokingroove on underground house in Dubai

Find your face’s most flattering frames

Rachel Duggan of Sivvi.com walks Louise Emma Clarke through the five steps to snapping up the perfect frames

Sportsmania in Dubai

Dubai's multi-sport facility is now open in JLT

Goa: cliché or India’s best-kept secret?

Spice plantations and tantalising food served on unspoiled beaches await discovery

Preparing for family finance

Global finance specialist Danielle Suchley shares her tips on saving for babies

Road trip rules

Louise Emma Clarke wants to know if we're nearly there yet

Delightful deliveries

Our favourite craft and food delivery boxes you can get to your front door in Dubai

Kids' swimming lessons in Dubai

Teach children to swim in the UAE with the Hamilton Aquatics squad

Pixies Bows in the UAE

Meet the woman determined to bring bows and headbands to little heads in the UAE

Magic Phil cheers up kids in Jordan

Dubai entertainer is on a charitable mission to take magic to refugees

Dyslexia, dyspraxia and autism spectrum

Dr. Madeleine Portwood on how families can recognise the symptoms

10 educational apps for kids

Kids insisting on using your gadgets? At least let it be educational

Bonding with your baby

What do babies understand before and after birth?

New play area at Marina Mall

Visit Njoi for glow-in-the-dark golf, indoor skating and more

Faby Land in Abu Dhabi

Pay a visit to the enormous new entertainment centre at Deerfield's Mall

John Dougherty interview

Children's author on writing, books and evil badgers

Stress-free travel for families

Real mums share their advice on how to take the stress out of family travel

Family deals in Dubai this week

Great deals, discounts and free stuff for families this week

Dhs100 play dates in Dubai

Take your child (and a friend) for a fun trip to a Dubai attraction


The Knowledge

Star Trek 3 filming in Dubai
Jul 2

Star Trek Beyond will be partly shot in Dubai as well as Vancouver

Apple Music now available in the UAE
Jul 2

Find out what you can experience on the Apple Music service

5 things to do today in Dubai
Jul 2

Donate when you eat at Reem Al Bawadi or break the fast at Marina Mall


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