Kids’ nutrition – sorting fact from fiction

Anita Apel, nutritionist at the Organic Foods & Cafe, looks at some common food myths, and offers her tips on feeding the family a healthy, balanced diet

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Leading the way to the future

Aman Merchant, CEO of Future Leadership Academy tells us we shouldn’t underestimate the power of kids leadership skills, and that if we nuture these skills – amazing things can happen

How to bluff your way through a football match

Pretend you know what you're talking about with these easy tips

How to jump-start a car

Never had a flat battery? Prepare yourself now

How to get a car out of the sand

Stuck in the desert? Here's what to do

How to fillet a fish

Do you know how to prepare a fresh catch for the table?

How to light a barbecue

And other essential cookery skills you should really have already

How to open a bank account in the UAE

Your guide to getting started

How to get a visa for your new baby

UAE red tape unraveled

How to set up your TV in Dubai

Plus other tips to get your started in your new UAE home

Dhs100 play dates

Take your child (and their friend) on a wallet-friendly day out

How to get water and electricity connected

Your guide to getting started with DEWA in Dubai

How to sew a button

You don't need to throw away that shirt for no reason

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Marhababy is taking the UAE by storm, offering mums to be free goodie boxes. Time Out Kids caught up with Eveline Sleebom, founder of Marhababy to find out more

Let the good times roll

The Zoo Skate Park offers kids a fun and safe environment to hang out where they can feel part of the furniture. Time Out Kids caught up with Mari De Villiers from The Zoo Skate Park to find out more

Weightlifting in Dubai

Recommended spots to pump some iron

Where to get henna in Dubai

Recommended sports for some arty additions


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5 things to do today in Dubai
Sep 1

Save with your age or head to a ladies’ night

Jumeirah Corniche nears completion
Sep 1

With benches, jogging tracks and paths now mostly finished along 14km of Dubai’s coast

5 things to do tomorrow in Dubai
Sep 1

Check out shadow art or mingle at VIP Room


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