Ramadan 2015

What you need to know about nightlife in Dubai during Ramadan

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Healthy fasting tips

Fasting and feasting go hand in hand during Ramadan, which can be challenging to the body

Ramadan 101

Whether you’ve just arrived in the city or you’re a long-term resident, here’s what to expect during the Holy Month

Ramadan Do's and Don'ts

Show respect to your Muslim neighbours, colleagues and fellow residents by behaving appropriately

Iftars and Suhoors over Dhs300

Treat yourself at some of the best restaurants in Dubai

11 shopping experiences to try

All the latest new stores, collections and events around Dubai

Iftars and Suhoors Dhs200-299

Some of the best iftars and suhoors around town

Iftars and Suhoors Dhs100-199

Some of the best iftars and suhoors around town.

Iftars and Suhoors under Dhs100

Some of the best affordable iftars and suhoors.

Homegrown fashion from Kal Jacobs

Family-owned firm bring bamboo shirts to Dubai

Guide to owning a car in Dubai

Finance options, driving lessons, licences and renting benefits

How to transfer your driving licence

Find out what you need and where to go to get driving in Dubai

Recipes to try in Ramadan

Tabouleh, vine leaves, baklava and more dishes to make in your own home

Getting car finance in Dubai

Find out what you need and what to be aware of when considering car finance.

How to host your own iftar

Invite friends and family to break their fast at your home

Ramadan for kids in the UAE

Everything you need to know about involving young family members in Ramadan

How to host the perfect dinner party

Expert advice on setting the stage for a truly stunning summer soire

Best Ramadan apps to download

Let your smartphone be your constant companion during Ramadan

Why you should visit Ras Al Khaimah

Ten reasons to take a road trip to the northern Emirate

Best driving experiences in Dubai

Put your foot down and burn some rubber this summer


The Knowledge

5 things to do today in Dubai
Aug 28

Audio Tonic V Night Vibes or help paint a drop-in centre

5 things to do tomorrow in Dubai
Aug 28

Audition your kids in a dance show or learn about Energetic Facelifts

Whale Shark in Dubai Marina – pictured
Aug 27

See the image of the whale shark and find out why this is not as rare as you think


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