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Time Out Dubai Kids Awards 2016 – shortlist announced

We’re incredibly proud and excited to announce that the third annual Time Out Dubai Kids Awards will take place on Monday September 26, 2016 at the Conrad Dubai.

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Freshly Ground Sounds

Time Out Dubai profiles Freshly Ground Sounds, the popular - and growing - sessions of unplugged live music in Dubai

Things to do in September

Your month’s essential events, by our panel of experts

New in the city?

Time Out Kids hosts its first-ever roundtable event to discuss setting yourself up in Dubai as a new expat family

What you missed

Perhaps you’re not new at all and you’re already part of the furniture in Dubai. However, that extended summer holiday means you’ve missed a fair bit since school let out. Here are ten of the best and newest openings in the city

Just landed

Whether you’re new to Dubai or just back after the long summer break, here is everything you and your family need know about living in one of the best cities in the world right now

Meet the neighbours

The Cockings-Ullrich Family

Changing times

The Change Initiative’s closure marks the end of an era for Dubai

Library love

Ditch the Kindle, give your wallet a rest and discover Dubai’s book lending scene. It is International Literacy Day and the UAE’s Year of Reading, after all

We would walk 500 miles

Ill-fitting shoes can have a major impact on your kids’ bodies and gait. Amy Mathieson speaks to shoe fitting expert Bob Hardy to find out everything we need to know about healthy little feet

Superhero Brunch at Mazina

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a family meal, with special powers…

Jamie’s Italian review

Oliver’s gaff keeps the whole family sweet

The Wooden Cellar review

Nostalgic homemade Greek dishes in a laidback, urban setting, where there are cake pops!

Science rocks!

Birthdays are no longer just about cake, fizzy pop and a game of pass the parcel, as we find out when we discover a new breed of academic party entertainment

The after-school bunch

Times have changed for kids. The days of just grabbing a football or a skipping rope, meeting friends outside your house and playing out in the street until your mum yelled you in for dinner are long gone. We’ve rounded up Dubai's best clubs to keep all personality types happy. All you need to figure out is: which kid is your kid?

Magazine journalist

Seven-year-old cutie, Abbie Hurley, who wants to be just like her mum, tries her hand at being a writer for a day with Time Out Kids

Hot topic: Sleep for school

Holidays can do more harm than good to children’s set patterns of sleep and activity, so transitioning kids from summer fun to school routines can be stressful for the whole family

What is Sustainable City?

Time Out answers the question, what is Sustainable City? Find out about the property prices in Dubai neighbourhood known for trying to be eco-friendly

Brave new world

Kids with learning difficulties are being rejected from schools in Dubai, but the centre for Modern Alternative Education is here to change that

Dish of the Month: A slice of sugar-free pie

Amy Mathieson checks out SugarMoo’s new healthy desserts


The Knowledge

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Jan 19

Family friendly movie season every weekend until April

More Dubai Jazz Festival 2017 acts announced
Jan 18

Musicians supporting Mariah Carey, Tom Jones and Enrique Iglesias in Dubai revealed

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