1. Chris Rock interview

    American actor Chris Rock becomes a writer-director with Top Five

  2. Dame Judi Dench interview

    British actress checks into the Second Best Exotic Marigold...

  3. 8 to see: Animal attacks on screen

    Rabid rabbits, hungry sharks, naughty dogs, angry spiders and...

  4. FrancOFilm Festival in Dubai

    Our pick of the best French films showing at the Vox Cinema...

New movie reviews

  • Furious 7
    Furious 7

    Late actor Paul Walker’s final appearance in the Fast and Furious franchise

  • The Canal
    The Canal

    Rupert Evans’ character becomes the prime suspect in a disappearance mystery

  • Paper Planes
    Paper Planes

    Dylan’s love of flight helps him deal with the loss of his mother


Also showing

  • Ex Machina
    Ex Machina

    Alex Garland's debut feature is an arty, romantic and dystopian thriller

  • Charlie Countryman
    Charlie Countryman

    Shia LaBoeouf's romantic thriller is a strangely enjoyable hyper-stylised disaster of a movie

  • Get Hard
    Get Hard

    Prison comedy with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart

  • The Lovers
    The Lovers

    Time-hopping romance with Josh Hartnett, Tamsin Egerton and Bipasha Basu

  • A Little Chaos
    A Little Chaos

    Elegant period romance with Kate Winslet and Alan Rickman in 17th century France

  • Home

    Family alien-on-Earth animation from DreamWorks stars Steve Martin, Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna


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