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    Hollywood star on staying in shape, being lucky and his love...

  2. Sir Ian McKellan on Mr. Holmes

    Brit actor on fame, ageing gracefully and playing Sherlock Holmes

  3. Studio Ghibli tribute

    Six must-see movies from brilliant Japanese animation studio

  4. 8 must-see teen flicks

    Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller, Mean Girls, Clueless and more

New movie reviews

  • Inescapable

    Syria-set abduction thriller with Joshua Jackson and Marisa Tomei

  • Cold in July
    Cold in July

    Tense crime adaptation of a Joe R. Lansdale thriller stars Michael C. Hall, Sam Shepard and Don Johnson

  • Sword of Vengeance
    Sword of Vengeance

    Gleefully daft medieval slasher has lots of slow motion battles and little else

  • Afterparty

    Relationship drama sees friends reunite after a wedding to discuss their love lives

  • The Possession of Michael King
    The Possession of Michael King

    Found footage horror flick about a documentary maker seeking supernatural answers

  • Breathe In
    Breathe In

    Romantic drama about teacher-student love with Guy Pearce and Felicity Jones


Also showing

  • Love & Mercy
    Love & Mercy

    Beach Boys biopic with Paul Dano and John Cussack as Brian Wilson

  • Alien Uprising
    Alien Uprising

    Alien action flick looks like it wants to be War of The Worlds

  • Manglehorn

    Small-town story of a man facing up to a lifetime of failed relationships

  • The Grand Seduction
    The Grand Seduction

    Wonky comedy set in Newfoundland, staring Brendan Gleeson

  • Jurassic World
    Jurassic World

    Fourth installment of the Jurassic Park series sees dinos rampage again

  • The Homesman
    The Homesman

    Tommy Lee Jones and Hilary Swank star in a bleek trip across 19th Century America

  • The Zero Theorem
    The Zero Theorem

    Terry Gilliam's lo-fi, future tech farce meets high-end cyber panto

  • Preservation

    Lost-in-the-woods-horror with Wrenn Schmidt and Pablo Schreiber

  • A Mouse Tale
    A Mouse Tale

    Animated family movie with Tom Arnold and Miranda Cosgrove


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