1. Making Tracks with Mia Wasikowska

    Star talks playing ‘camel lady’ Robyn Davidson’s famous...

  2. Children’s International Film Festival in Dubai

    More than 80 movies from 35 countries screened at...

  3. Imogen Poots interview

    Rising screen star on Need for Speed, A Long Way Down and more

  4. Behind the scenes with Rio 2

    Director Carlos Saldanha tells us how it's done

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  • Oculus

    Well-made but featherweight horror about a demonic mirror... really

  • The Quiet Ones

    This British horror flick just isn't creepy enough to get under the skin

  • The English Teacher

    Julianne Moore plays against type as the lead in this toothless comedy

  • We Are What We Are

    Controlled, affecting remake of Mexican indie horror

  • Brick Mansions

    Remake of Luc Besson's District 13 starring Paul Walker

  • Transcendence

    Johnny Depp and Rebecca Hall star in this movie about computers taking on mankind

  • Dom Hemingway

    Stylised, waywardly violent comedy with Jude Law as a gangster on a mission

  • The Invisible Woman

    The title of Ralph Fiennes’s second film as a director makes it sound like a superhero movie

  • Rio 2

    Animated sequel from the makers of Ice Age stars Jesse Eisenberg

  • The Barrens

    Paranoid horror film about a family being pursued by a demon. Or are they?

  • Viral Factor

    Hong Kong thriller about an secret agent on a family mission

  • Event 15

    Three soldiers are trapped in an elevator when terrorists detonate a radioactive bomb


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