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Aspirin and a Bullet

Aspirin pills could have ended the life of the director’s father 40 years ago

- Drama Arabic Chinese
Bachelor Mountain

In Heilongjiang Province, northern China, timber supplies have dwindled, and the allure of better jobs in cities has led to an outflow of local women, creating a ‘bachelor mountain’

- Social Chinese
Back To 1942 - Drama War Chinese
Badges of Fury

Eerie kung-fu thriller with Jet Li and Zhang Wen

- Action Comedy Crime Chinese English
Hsu Ji Behind the Screen

Six-year-old Hsu Ji is alone and staves off her boredom by watching an old slapstick movie – until the film’s three protagonists end up in the real world

- Animation Chinese French
Life Without Principle

A high-risk bank advisor, a small-time thug and a crooked cop all come together when a bag of stolen money emerges

- Drama Chinese
Love Songs of Tiedan - Drama Chinese
Million Dollar Crocodile

A Chinese monster film about an enormous 36 foot long crocodile

- Action Comedy Horror Chinese English
Naked Soldier - Action Drama Chinese English
The Flowers of War

Christian Bale in Zhang Yimou's uncomfortable mix of style and violence

Drama War Chinese English
The Thieves - Action Adventure Chinese English

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