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A Most Violent Year

Absorbing drama set in the early 1980s New York finance world

Action Crime Drama English Spanish
A Perfect Day - Drama English French Spanish
Assassin’s Creed

Details of Assassin’s Creed in cinemas in Dubai. Get screening times at all cinemas in Dubai, and reviews, trailers, interviews and more

Action Adventure English Spanish

Spanish film

Drama Spanish

A computer hacker (Chris Hemsworth) is released from prison to combat cybercriminals

- Action Crime Drama English Spanish
Carmina or Blow Up - Comedy Drama Spanish

Fast cars and glamorous women in this 'Spanish Fast and the Furious'

- Action Spanish
Darker Than Night - Horror English Spanish
Detective Dee: Mystery of the Phantom Flame

Director Tsui Hark’s flamboyant and kinetic martial arts action adventure

Action Adventure Crime Mandarin Spanish
El Rayo (Hassan's Way) - Biography Drama Social Arabic Spanish
Enamorada - Spanish

Alicia lives in a cozy windmill with her grandmother and dreams of becoming a ballet dancer

- Adventure Crime Russian Spanish
For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada

Self-styled epic falls way short

Drama War English Spanish

Animated 3D cat's tale from Argentina

Action Family Spanish
Habi, La Extranjera (Habi, The Foreigner) - Drama Spanish
High Noon

A schoolboy accidentally offends the biggest kid in the class. Everything boils down to a fateful encounter at high noon

- Comedy Drama Fiction Spanish
How to Be a Latin Lover Comedy English Spanish

Action film directed by Daniel Calparsoro

- Action Drama Thriller Arabic English Spanish
Mortadelo and Filemon: Mission Implausible - Animation Comedy English Spanish
Paraíso (Paradise) - Comedy Romance Spanish

Poverty-struck Grandma Paulina can’t afford food. She wins a Polaroid camera in a raffle, but soon runs out of film and finds herself still hungry

- Drama Spanish
Princess Falls

Eleonore travels to the south of Chile with her partner Martin in a quest to discover her roots

- Fiction French Spanish
Slimane - Drama Arabic Spanish
The Hidden Face

Filmed in both Spain and Colombia

- Thriller Spanish
The Invention

Two 12-year-old boys face a double challenge – figuring out the magic of photography and the mysteries of women

- Drama Spanish
The Prisoner

A group of boy scouts play a strategy game in the mountains, when two boys from the yellow team suddenly decide to take someone from the red team prisoner

- Fiction Spanish
The Unbeatables

Find out why the animation gets two stars

Adventure Animation Family English Spanish
Tini: The Movie - Adventure Family Musical English Italian Spanish
Tom Little and the magic mirror - Adventure Animation English Spanish
Top Cat

Tawdry remake of Hanna-Barbera’s cartoon series about a streetwise cat

Action Animation Comedy English Spanish
Top Cat Begins - Action English Spanish
Wadaan Carmen (Adios Carmen) - Drama Family Social Amazigh Arabic French Spanish
[REC] 3: Genesis

Zombies at a wedding horror uses found footage gimmick and plenty of make-up

Horror English Spanish

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