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A Most Violent Year

Absorbing drama set in the early 1980s New York finance world

Action Crime Drama English Spanish
A Perfect Day - Drama English French Spanish

Spanish film

Drama Spanish

A computer hacker (Chris Hemsworth) is released from prison to combat cybercriminals

- Action Crime Drama English Spanish
Carmina or Blow Up - Comedy Drama Spanish

Fast cars and glamorous women in this 'Spanish Fast and the Furious'

- Action Spanish
Darker Than Night - Horror English Spanish
Detective Dee: Mystery of the Phantom Flame

Director Tsui Hark’s flamboyant and kinetic martial arts action adventure

Action Adventure Crime Mandarin Spanish
El Rayo (Hassan's Way) - Biography Drama Social Arabic Spanish
Enamorada - Spanish

Alicia lives in a cozy windmill with her grandmother and dreams of becoming a ballet dancer

- Adventure Crime Russian Spanish
For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada

Self-styled epic falls way short

Drama War English Spanish

Animated 3D cat's tale from Argentina

Action Family Spanish
Habi, La Extranjera (Habi, The Foreigner) - Drama Spanish
High Noon

A schoolboy accidentally offends the biggest kid in the class. Everything boils down to a fateful encounter at high noon

- Comedy Drama Fiction Spanish

Action film directed by Daniel Calparsoro

- Action Drama Thriller Arabic English Spanish
Mortadelo and Filemon: Mission Implausible - Animation Comedy English Spanish
Paraíso (Paradise) - Comedy Romance Spanish

Poverty-struck Grandma Paulina can’t afford food. She wins a Polaroid camera in a raffle, but soon runs out of film and finds herself still hungry

- Drama Spanish
Princess Falls

Eleonore travels to the south of Chile with her partner Martin in a quest to discover her roots

- Fiction French Spanish
Slimane - Drama Arabic Spanish
The Hidden Face

Filmed in both Spain and Colombia

- Thriller Spanish
The Invention

Two 12-year-old boys face a double challenge – figuring out the magic of photography and the mysteries of women

- Drama Spanish
The Prisoner

A group of boy scouts play a strategy game in the mountains, when two boys from the yellow team suddenly decide to take someone from the red team prisoner

- Fiction Spanish
The Unbeatables

Find out why the animation gets two stars

Adventure Animation Family English Spanish
Tini: The Movie - Adventure Family Musical English Italian Spanish
Tom Little and the magic mirror - Adventure Animation English Spanish
Top Cat

Tawdry remake of Hanna-Barbera’s cartoon series about a streetwise cat

Action Animation Comedy English Spanish
Top Cat Begins - Action English Spanish
Wadaan Carmen (Adios Carmen) - Drama Family Social Amazigh Arabic French Spanish
[REC] 3: Genesis

Zombies at a wedding horror uses found footage gimmick and plenty of make-up

Horror English Spanish

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