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Bayt Al Toot (The Mulberry House) - Biography Family Social Arabic English
Bidesia in Bambai - Documentary Musical Social English

Two students from different backgrounds pursue a secret relationship, and then cause a shock when they announce to their families their intention to marry

- Drama Fiction Romance Social Arabic English
Champ Of The Camp - Documentary Social Bengali English Hindi Urdu
Collecting my Passion

A short documentary about Emirati collectors

- Documentary Social Arabic English
Des Murs Et Des Hommes (Walls And People) - Social Arabic English
Half Emirati

Five Emirati nationals of mixed parentage share their experiences and stories about what it is like to be among those who are born to Emirati parents

- Social Arabic English
His Name

The film explores an unlikely friendship that blossoms between a Qatari woman and the man who cleans the streets in her neighbourhood

- Documentary Social English
Kajarya - Drama Social English Hindi
Living in Limbo

The challenges of an ex-detainee reintegrating into society

- Documentary Social Arabic English
Lyrics Revolt

Arab hip-hop has emerged as the soundtrack of the resistance and this docu features the leading musicians around the world, looking at the role music plays in this game-changing moment for the Middle East

- Documentary Social Arabic English

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