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Unexpectedly pleasing treat for teenagers, give it a bash for a laugh

Musical English
Battle of the Year

Drama about a US breakdance crew taking on the world

Musical English
Battlefield America - Drama Musical English
Bidesia in Bambai - Documentary Musical Social English
Breaking Through

When Casey, a talented dancer, gets spotted on YouTube she becomes an overnight success and races up the likes

- Drama Musical English

Lively musical with Cher, Christina Aguilera and Alan Cumming

Drama Musical Romance English
Danny Collins

Music drama with Al Pacino as an ageing rock musician

Comedy Drama Musical English
Ed Sheeran The Concert - Musical English

Lifeless and entirely unnecessary modern-day remake...

Comedy Drama Musical Romance English
God Bless Ozzy Osbourne - Documentary Musical English
Hannah Montana: The Movie

Yup, it's that annoying Miley Cyrus, in a full film. One for young girls or boys who can overlook the acting

Comedy Musical English
Honey 2

Streetdance sequel minus the talents of Jessica Alba

Comedy Drama Musical English
Jersey Boys

1960s balladry and screeching falsetto vocals move from stage to screen

- Biography Drama Musical English
Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience

On stage with the Disney-backed teen rockers

Documentary Musical English
Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

Pleasing biography of the teen pop phenomena

Documentary Musical English
Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day

Rock doc chronicling legendary band's 2007 reunion in London

- Documentary Musical English
Legends of Oz: Dorothys Return

The voice cast here reads like a who's who of scrapheap comedy 'talent'

Animation Family Musical English
Les Misérables

Film adaptation of one of the world's biggest stage musicals

Drama Musical Romance English
Loins Of Punjab Presents

Comedy featuring American-born desis Previews

Comedy Musical English
Make Your Move

Dancing adaptation of Romeo and Juliet with Derek Hough and BoA

- Musical English

The musical we've all been waiting for, but is it worth it?

Drama Musical English
One Direction: This Is Us

A more insightful look at the golden boyband than anyone expected

Documentary Musical English
One Direction: Where We Are - The Concert Film - Musical English
Pitch Perfect 2

A capella singing comedy drama sequel with Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson

Comedy Musical English
Ricki and the Flash

Jonathan Demme-directed domestic drama with Meryl Streep stretching her acting chops

Comedy Drama Musical English
Rock of Ages

Fun and impressive musical stage-to-screen adaptation

Comedy Drama Musical English
Saving Mr. Banks

Tom Hanks stars in this schmaltzy movie about the birth of Disney

Biography Comedy Drama Family Musical English
Standing Ovation

Shameless High School Musical copycat with Devon Jordan

- Musical English
Step Up 3D

It takes just an enticing pair of Nike sneakers to lead NYU freshman Moose (Adam G Sevani) down the rabbit hole into a musical wonderland

Drama Musical Romance English
Step Up All In

Eight years after the original, All In is the fifth incarnation of the Step Up franchise

Drama Musical Romance English
StreetDance 2

Tried-and-tested UK dance sequel - in 3D

Drama Musical Romance English
The Princess and the Frog

Disneyphiles, take note: tradition is both gloriously upheld and graciously swept aside in the company’s latest fairytale adaptation

Animation Musical English
The Runaways

Music drama with Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart

Drama Musical English
This Is It

A shameful exercise in making a quick buck

- Documentary Musical English
U2 3D

According to music industry types, most 12- to 34-year-olds never pay for their music

Documentary Musical English
Walking on Sunshine

Feel good girls' night out musical with 80s tunes and beautiful Italian scenery

Musical Romance English Italian
We Are Your Friends - Drama Musical Romance English

Musical drama about a young drummer with a masochistic teacher

Drama Musical English
Wild for the Night

Details of Wild for the Night in cinemas in Dubai, Get screening times at all cinemas in Dubai, and reviews, trailers, interviews and more

- Crime Musical Thriller English

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