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Back Seat

A woman has to get to work, but finds herself with a reckless driver

- Drama Arabic
Badal Faqed

Arabic film

- Drama Arabic

The story of a young boy who struggles to find his place in an all-boys elementary school, so turns to poetry to help him overcome his challenges

- Comedy Documentary Arabic
Bag of Flour - Biography Drama Family Fiction Arabic French
Baghdad Film School - Documentary Arabic Dutch English
Baghdad Messi

Eight-year-old Hamoudi has only one leg, but is addicted to football. He and his friends – like the rest of the world – are looking forward to the Champions League final between Barcelona and Manchester: ‘Messi versus Ronaldo’. But then the television breaks

- Family Social War Arabic
Bahiya…& Mahmoud - Arabic
Baltiya Al Ayma

Arabic film

- Arabic
Banat El Amm

Arabic film

- Comedy Arabic
Bani Adam

Interconnected relationships between the protagonists of different classes create for an interesting scenario

- Drama Arabic
Bayt Al Toot (The Mulberry House) - Biography Family Social Arabic English
Baytouna Allathi La Namshi Ilayhe (Our Home We Can Not Walk To) - Documentary Social War Arabic
BE BE - Comedy Arabic
Bebo We Beshir

Arabic film

- Comedy Romance Arabic
Bedon Rakaba

Arabic Film

- Drama Arabic
Bedouin Woman

Documentary about Iraqis of different ethnic backgrounds united in their struggle to save a Kurdish child after he was injured in a government clash against the Kurds in 1988

- Documentary Arabic
Before Loss: The Memories Forever - Documentary Arabic

A plane is forced to land in an isolated place

- Adventure Arabic
Beirut Hotel

A young singer fleeing her domineering husband and an attorney who is unknowingly under surveillance meet in Beirut and enjoy a 10-day whirlwind romance

- Drama Romance Thriller Arabic French
Berlin Telegram

Leila is a singer-songwriter with nothing but her voice to accompany her as she wanders from one place to another, in this lyrical road movie based on a true story

- Drama Arabic English French

Two students from different backgrounds pursue a secret relationship, and then cause a shock when they announce to their families their intention to marry

- Drama Fiction Romance Social Arabic English
Blind Intersections - Drama Arabic

On his way to school, a young boy meets a stray dog he calls Bobby. A new friendship begins until Fares decides to take Bobby home

- Family Arabic
Boiling Dreams

In a tiny Moroccan village, a young father of two makes an illegal crossing into Spain, but never calls his family back home

- Drama Family Arabic French
Bonne Soiree

Arabic film

Comedy Family Musical Arabic
Boo Boss

Arabic film

- Comedy Arabic
Bored - Drama Family Romance Arabic English
Born on the 25th of January - Documentary Drama Arabic

Arabic film

Comedy Drama Arabic
Bullet Time - Arabic English French
C'est Eux Les Chiens (They Are The Dogs) - Action Drama Social Arabic

Arabic film

- Arabic
Cairo Time - Comedy Drama Romance Arabic
Canary - Arabic
Captain Heema

Arabic movie

- Drama Arabic
Captain Masr Comedy Arabic
Casablanca Mon Amour - Adventure Comedy Social Arabic French
Cash Flow - Action Comedy Romance Arabic
Challat Tunes (Challat of Tunis) - Social Arabic
Chaos, Disorder - Drama Social Arabic

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