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Bebo We Beshir

Arabic film

- Comedy Romance Arabic
Bedon Rakaba

Arabic Film

- Drama Arabic
Bedouin Woman

Documentary about Iraqis of different ethnic backgrounds united in their struggle to save a Kurdish child after he was injured in a government clash against the Kurds in 1988

- Documentary Arabic
Before Loss: The Memories Forever - Documentary Arabic
Bennesbeh Labokra, Chou? - Comedy Arabic
Berlin Telegram

Leila is a singer-songwriter with nothing but her voice to accompany her as she wanders from one place to another, in this lyrical road movie based on a true story

- Drama Arabic English French

Two students from different backgrounds pursue a secret relationship, and then cause a shock when they announce to their families their intention to marry

- Drama Fiction Romance Social Arabic English

On his way to school, a young boy meets a stray dog he calls Bobby. A new friendship begins until Fares decides to take Bobby home

- Family Arabic
Bonne Soiree

Arabic film

Comedy Family Musical Arabic
Boo Boss

Arabic film

- Comedy Arabic

Arabic film

Comedy Drama Arabic
C'est Eux Les Chiens (They Are The Dogs) - Action Drama Social Arabic

Arabic film

- Arabic
Cairo Time - Comedy Drama Romance Arabic
Captain Heema

Arabic movie

- Drama Arabic
Captain Masr Comedy Arabic
Cash Flow - Action Comedy Romance Arabic
Challat Tunes (Challat of Tunis) - Social Arabic
Cima Ali Baba

Arabic film

- Comedy Arabic
City of Life

Filmed entirely in Dubai this is the debut feature from Ali Mostafa

Drama Arabic
Collecting my Passion

A short documentary about Emirati collectors

- Documentary Social Arabic English
Crazy Calm - Drama Arabic English

A young boy believes in a world above the swing in his neighbourhood playground. He tries to enter that world

- Drama Arabic
Dada Doody

Arabic film

- Comedy Arabic
Darkness - Drama Family Arabic
Décor - Drama Arabic
Dégradé - Drama Arabic
Des Murs Et Des Hommes (Walls And People) - Social Arabic English
Dhay Fe Abu Dhabi - Comedy Arabic

Government employee Bu Mansour strives to change his job title before his retirement

- Comedy Drama Arabic
Dokkan Shehata

Arabic film

- Drama Arabic
Dukhan Bila Nar

Arabic film

- Action Arabic
Ealan Halet Hob

Arabic film

- Drama Romance Arabic
Eastern Winds

This short paints a picture of the political and social struggles that came to be known as the Arab Awakening

- Musical Arabic
Ebn Al Onsol

Arabic film

- Crime Drama Arabic

A child with deaf and dumb parents is made to feel different, especially at school. Although he is physically normal and he delights his parents, his father does not want to have another child. This decision strains the family dynamics

- Drama Arabic

A documentary that explores the legend of Hor Hafeez, in southern Iraq

- Documentary Arabic
Ehna Etkabelna Qabl Keda

Arabic film

- Drama Thriller Arabic
El Beih Romancy

Arabic film

- Romance Arabic
El Dictator

Arabic film

- Comedy Arabic

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