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22 Bullets

Jean Reno in true story about Marseilles mob kingpin

Action Crime Thriller French
Assassins Bullet

The name tells you all you need to know about this Christian Slater-starring CIA thriller

- Action Drama Thriller English French
Confidences Trop Intimes

Intriguing French film directed by Patrice Leconte

- Drama Romance Thriller French
Enemies Closer

Jean-Claude Van Damme is back for another martial arts romp - this time on the Canada/US border

- Action Thriller English French
High Lane

There wasn’t much information on French film High Lane floating about at the time of going to press

- Action Adventure Thriller French
Inside Ring

Gangster thriller with Jean Reno and a sack full of twists

- Crime Drama Thriller French
La French - Action Crime Thriller French
Largo Winch

Based on the Belgian comic book of the same name, it's a strange but popular one

- Action Thriller French
Mea culpa

In this French film cops Simon and Frank are good friends who find their lives turned upside down

- Action Thriller English French
Rabid Dogs

Details of Rabid Dogs in cinemas in Dubai. Get screening times at all cinemas in Dubai, and reviews, trailers, interviews and more

Action Drama Thriller English French

Drug bust thriller with Selena Gomez and Mia Farrow

Action Thriller French

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