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Al Waad

Arabic film

- Action Arabic
Alex Cross

Sensory silliness starring Tyler Perry as eponymous hero

Action Crime Mystery English
Alien Outpost

Documentary-style filming about soldiers trying to eradicate aliens

- Action Sci-Fi Thriller English
Alket moot

Arabic film

- Action Arabic
All Is Lost

Robert Redford steals a one-man show in this flick about a solo sailor

- Action Adventure Drama English
Allah Ke Banday

Hindi film

- Action Crime Drama Thriller Hindi
Alone for Christmas - Action Comedy Family English
Alone In The Dark II

Video game. Adaptation. Sequel

- Action Horror English
American Heist

Indie action flick with Hayden Christensen, Akon and Adrien Brody

- Action English
American Hero

Details of American Hero in cinemas in Dubai, Get screening times at all cinemas in Dubai, and reviews, trailers, interviews and more

- Action Comedy Sci-Fi English
American Sniper

Clint Eastwood directs Bradley Cooper in this superbly subtle Iraq War biopic

Action Biography Drama English
American Ultra

Action comedy with Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart

Action Comedy English

The Marvel Cinematic Universe gets its smallest superhero yet

Action Adventure Sci-Fi English
Arena of the Street Fighter

A lawless dystopia where gangs rule the streets

- Action English
ARN – The Knight Templar

The most expensive production in Swedish cinema

- Action Adventure Drama Romance War English
Assassins Bullet

The name tells you all you need to know about this Christian Slater-starring CIA thriller

- Action Drama Thriller English French
Astro Boy

Tezuka Osamu’s ’50s manga (and the subsequent ’60s cartoon series that sprang from itbegat modern animé

Action Animation Family Sci-Fi English
Attack the Block

Brit action comedy starring Nick Frost and directed by Joe Cornish

Action Comedy Sci-Fi English

Hindi film

- Action Drama Thriller Hindi

The year’s biggest event movie is here, but what's it like?

Action Sci-Fi Thriller English
Avengers: Age of Ultron

Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and the gang do battle with a new cast of baddies

Action Adventure Sci-Fi English
Awlad Al Aam

Arabic film

- Action Drama Arabic
Baaghi: A Rebel For Love - Action Comedy Drama Hindi

Hindi film directed by Neeraj Pandey

- Action Crime Mystery Thriller Hindi
Badges of Fury

Eerie kung-fu thriller with Jet Li and Zhang Wen

- Action Comedy Crime Chinese English
Bahubali: The Beginning - Action Adventure Hindi

Sharks invade a supermarket in this Australian 3D horror

Action Horror Thriller English
Bajatey Raho

Hindi film

- Action Hindi
Bang Bang

Hindi film directed by Siddharth Anand

- Action Romance Hindi
Barely Lethal

Funny teen flick about an assassin in high school. Stars Samuel L. Jackson and Jessica Alba

- Action Adventure Comedy English
Bastille Day - Action English
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Details of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in cinemas in Dubai. Get screening times at all cinemas in Dubai, plus reviews, trailers and more

Action Adventure English
Battle for Terra

Animated picturesque and well-written tale of human invasion

Action Adventure Animation English
Battle In Seattle

Woody Harrelson and Charlize Theron star in this meaty drama

Action Drama English
Battle of the Damned

Swedish hunk Lundgren plays a private military soldier on a mission

- Action Adventure Sci-Fi English
Battle: Los Angeles

Marines battle aliens in this predictable sci-fi flick

Action Sci-Fi English

Toy-marketing movie pits soldiers against alien action figures

Action Sci-Fi Thriller English
Bbuddah... Hoga Tera Baap

A quick-tempered, flamboyantly-dressed, retired hit-man returns to India for one last job. Just don't call him "Buddah"

Action Crime Drama Hindi
Big Game

Samuel L. Jackson stars as the President of the United Stated in this action movie written and directed by Jalmari Helander

- Action Adventure English
Big Hero 6

Disney animated film inspired by the Marvel comic book series

- Action Animation Comedy English

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