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Bad Words

We bet it won’t be Ellen Page or Diablo Cody’s zinger-laden script you’ll notice, but the shockingly good Jason Bateman

Comedy English
Badal Faqed

Arabic film

- Drama Arabic

The story of a young boy who struggles to find his place in an all-boys elementary school, so turns to poetry to help him overcome his challenges

- Comedy Documentary Arabic
Badges of Fury

Eerie kung-fu thriller with Jet Li and Zhang Wen

- Action Comedy Crime Chinese English
Badmaash Company

This Indian flick sounds like the sort of thing John Hughes used to make

- Crime Thriller Hindi
Bag of Flour - Biography Drama Family Fiction Arabic French
Baghdad Film School - Documentary Arabic Dutch English
Baghdad Messi

Eight-year-old Hamoudi has only one leg, but is addicted to football. He and his friends – like the rest of the world – are looking forward to the Champions League final between Barcelona and Manchester: ‘Messi versus Ronaldo’. But then the television breaks

- Family Social War Arabic
Bahiya…& Mahmoud - Arabic

Sharks invade a supermarket in this Australian 3D horror

Action Horror Thriller English
Bajatey Raho

Hindi film

- Action Hindi

The film looks at the life of a balloon seller

- Drama
Baltiya Al Ayma

Arabic film

- Arabic
Banat El Amm

Arabic film

- Comedy Arabic
Band Baaja Baaraat

Hindi film

- Comedy Romance Hindi

Unexpectedly pleasing treat for teenagers, give it a bash for a laugh

Musical English
Bang Bang

Hindi film directed by Siddharth Anand

- Action Romance Hindi
Bani Adam

Interconnected relationships between the protagonists of different classes create for an interesting scenario

- Drama Arabic
Barbie and the Secret Door

This fairy musical is aimed squarely at fans of, Barbie

- Animation English

It's our favourite title of the year so far

- Drama Hindi
Battle for Terra

Animated picturesque and well-written tale of human invasion

Action Adventure Animation English
Battle In Seattle

Woody Harrelson and Charlize Theron star in this meaty drama

Action Drama English
Battle of the Damned

Swedish hunk Lundgren plays a private military soldier on a mission

- Action Adventure Sci-Fi English
Battle of the Year

Drama about a US breakdance crew taking on the world

Musical English
Battle: Los Angeles

Marines battle aliens in this predictable sci-fi flick

Action Sci-Fi English
Battlefield America - Drama Musical English

Toy-marketing movie pits soldiers against alien action figures

Action Sci-Fi Thriller English
Bayt Al Toot (The Mulberry House) - Biography Family Social Arabic English
Baytouna Allathi La Namshi Ilayhe (Our Home We Can Not Walk To) - Documentary Social War Arabic
Bbuddah... Hoga Tera Baap

A quick-tempered, flamboyantly-dressed, retired hit-man returns to India for one last job. Just don't call him "Buddah"

Action Crime Drama Hindi
BE BE - Comedy Arabic
Bears - Documentary English

Teen-themed fairy tale with Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer

Drama Romance English
Beasts of the Southern Wild

deeply eccentric tale of life, love and loss in the New Orleans floods

Drama English
Beautiful Creatures

Twilight-style 'witch' movie based on popular young adult novel series

Drama Romance English
Beautiful Miss Jin

A guard at a lonely, under-used railway station perks up when he meets three atypical passengers: a single mother, her child, and a talkative alcoholic

- Drama Korean
Beauty and the Beast - Romance English
Bebo We Beshir

Arabic film

- Comedy Romance Arabic
Bedon Rakaba

Arabic Film

- Drama Arabic
Bedouin Woman

Documentary about Iraqis of different ethnic backgrounds united in their struggle to save a Kurdish child after he was injured in a government clash against the Kurds in 1988

- Documentary Arabic

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