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...And Nothing Else - Drama
...Just That Sort of a Day - Drama

The story of three immigrants living in London, two of them of Indian origin and the third from Iraq, who suffer brutal exploitation of the sort that is normally not associated with a modern, Western city

- Documentary Arabic English Hindi
10 Cloverfield Lane

Details of 10 Cloverfield Lane in cinemas in Dubai, Get screening times at all cinemas in Dubai, and reviews, trailers, interviews and more

Drama Horror Mystery English
10 Years

High-school-reunion film for miserablists stars Channing Tatum and Chriss Pratt

Comedy Drama Romance English
100 Feet

This week’s years-old horror B-movie release stars Famke Janssen and Ed Westwick in a feature that defies its semi-high-profile casting

- Horror Thriller English

Terrible horror tries (and fails) to tap into date paranoia

Horror Thriller English
11:00pm - Horror
12 Rounds

Oh dear, it's directed by Renny Harlin. But still worth a go on a quiet weekend if you're in need of escapism

Action Adventure Thriller English
12 Years a Slave

Uncompromising slavery drama and Academy Award favourite

Biography Drama English
127 Hours

Gory real-life drama directed by Danny Boyle

Adventure Drama English

We’re willing Géla Babluani to surprise us with this one, though it’s less down to the director and more to the talent that we’re a little wary of this remake

Drama Thriller English
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

Details of 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi in Dubai, Get screening times at all cinemas in Dubai, and reviews, trailers, interviews and more

Action Drama Thriller English
13 Sins

A desperate salesman performs increasingly hideous tasks to win money

- Horror Thriller English
17 Again

Updating the traditions of body swap comedy for teens weaned on High School Musical. Light and funfor weekends

Comedy Romance English

A prison docu about Mohammed Yemen, 27, who is sentenced to death for killing one of his friends accidentally when he was 13 years old

- Documentary Arabic
1911 - Action Adventure Drama English
2 Days in New York

Transatlantic romantic comedy with Chris Rock and Julie Delpy

Comedy English
2 Guns

This shamelessly silly star vehicle entertains intermittently

Action Comedy Crime English
2 States

Hindi film

- Drama Romance Hindi
20 ans décart - Comedy Romance English French

Crazy sci-fi flick from Ronald Emmerich

Action Adventure Drama Sci-Fi English
21 Jump Street

Channing Tatum and Noah Hill team up in '80s revival comedy

Action Comedy Crime English
22 Bullets

Jean Reno in true story about Marseilles mob kingpin

Action Crime Thriller French
3 Act Circus - Animation Musical
3 Days to Kill

Kevin Costner stars as a spy facing up to a terminal disease. Right

- Action Crime Drama English
3 Idiots

Hindi film

- Comedy Drama Romance Hindi
300: Rise of an Empire

Action sequel promises plenty of battles and blood

Action Drama War English
365 Yom Saada

Arabic film

Comedy Arabic
388 Arletta Avenue

Low budget stalker drama with Nick Stahl and Mia Kirshner

Crime Thriller English
3G Third Generation

Hindi film

- Action Hindi

Teen drama set in west London stars Noel Clarke

Crime Thriller English
45 Years - Drama Romance English
47 Ronin

Keanu Reeves stars in this loud and obnoxious Hollywood take on the classic Japanese legend

Action Adventure English
48 Hours

A young Iraqi man has been threatened with death if he doesn’t flee within 48 hours

- Drama Arabic
4G Algeil Al Rabea - Arabic
5 Days Of War

War drama about Putin's 2008 invasion of Georgia

Action Drama War English
6 Bullets

Van Damme has an action comeback

Action Crime Thriller English

The film voices the concerns of the younger UAE generation

- Documentary Arabic
7 Khoon Maaf

Hindi film

- Romance Thriller Hindi

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