This transatlantic indie-romance charmed the socks off Sundance last year, sparking an all-night studio bidding war and catapulting its British star, Felicity Jones, to the dizzy heights of Carey, Keira et al. It’s not hard to see why. Like a sweeter Blue Valentine, it gets under the skin of a relationship: will it or won’t it last? Here, it’s intoxicating first love; two college students locked in a lengthy long-distance relationship.

The acting is mostly improvised – often a licence for pretension. Not here. Jones in particular pulls off the tricky feat of showing Anna ageing from year to year – from slouchy student in vintage dresses to glossy-haired junior magazine editor. In places, it teeters like a house of cards, all that flimsy, dizzily youthful feeling threatening to collapse in on itself. But it doesn’t, and 28-year-old director Drake Doremus gently braves some bittersweet truths. Is it true love? Or is the reality less like the movies: a fantasy of being in love that the couple can’t let go of?

Like Crazy

Genre: Drama, Romance
Duration: 90 mintues
Released: Mar 8th
Director: Drake Doremus
Stars: Felicity Jones, Anton Yelchin, Jennifer Lawrence, Charlie Bewley, Alex Kingston, Oliver Muirhead, Finola Hughes, Chris Messina
Language: English
Classification: 18+
Like Crazy
4 5 1