East Is East writer Ayub Khan-Din’s screen version of his 2007 play Rafta, Rafta unfolds another serio-comic tale of generational conflict in the British-Asian community. A cancelled honeymoon means Bolton newlyweds Atul and Vina (Reece Ritchie and Amara Karan) have to move in with his parents, not the most relaxed surroundings for conjugal relations. Yet the pressure’s on for sensitive type Atul to prove his manhood in the eyes of his swaggering, larger-than-life dad, Eeshwar (Harish Patel). The subtext, though, is how the father feels that the son’s easygoing, touchy-feely modernity is a rejection of the previous generation’s determined struggle to make a life in England – familiar material perhaps, but put across with Khan-Din’s typical facility for giving all sides a certain dignity while delivering sundry entertaining one-liners. Sadly it’s hard not to feel that this could have been a whole lot better.

All in Good Time

Genre: Comedy
Duration: 94 mintues
Released: Aug 1st
Director: Nigel Cole
Stars: Reece Ritchie, Amara Karan, Harish Patel, Meera Syal, Neet Mohan, Hassani Shapi, Arsher Ali
Language: English
Classification: 15+
All in Good Time http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1980911
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