Helplessly, fans of metal’s still-reigning kings will tune up their air guitars for this poundingly loud 3D IMAX concert film, easily the best of its kind. Captured over five Canadian shows from its 2012 tour, Metallica can be seen in peak form, thrashing out a set heavy on selections from the classic first four albums (including the recently revived title track from …And Justice for All, a complex ten-minute shredder). Arguably, the band has never been as tight as it is with lurking bassist Robert Trujillo; director Nimród Antal knows exactly where to place his roving camera to sop up every double-pedal drum flurry and wailing solo.

Maybe because the band enjoyed rave reviews for its daring 2004 psychodrama, Some Kind of Monster, an experimental narrative is shoehorned in, involving a roadie (Dane DeHaan) doing bloody battle in a deserted city. Your heart sinks with every cutaway. But the intrusions are few, and there’s creativity within the concert itself: A mike shorts out, a bank of lights crashes down on technicians, and a huge statue is toppled. Block those Spinal Tap allusions.

Metallica Through the Never

Genre: Action
Duration: 93 mintues
Released: Oct 10th
Director: Nimród Antal
Stars: Dane DeHaan, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich
Language: English
Classification: PG15
Metallica Through the Never
3 5 1