The first animated movie created exclusively to be shown in 3D cinemas arrives in the Middle Easttwo years after its original release. Fly Me to the Moon follows Nat (Gagnon), IQ (Bolden) and Scooter (Gore) as houseflies with a mission: they decide to hitch a ride to the moon with the Apollo 11 space team. Once in orbit, they solve a technical glitch while Nat’s grandpa averts disaster in mission control by thwarting the plans of a Russian infiltrator, Yegor. It’s all very superficial, but endurable in the main, even though it can’t resist that old chestnut of painting the Russians as baddies. While it may not teach sprogs anything about insects – these ones have human eyes and four limbs – director Ben Stassen has made a fair fist of portraying the Apollo mission with some accuracy.

Fly Me to the Moon

Genre: Adventure, Animation, Family
Duration: 84 mintues
Released: Feb 4th
Director: Ben Stassen
Stars: Tim Curry, Robert Patrick, Kelly Ripa, Buzz Aldrin, Trevor Gagnon, Philip Bolden, Nicollette Sheridan, Ed Begley Jr., David Gore, Christopher Lloyd, Adrienne Barbeau
Language: English
Classification: G
Fly Me to the Moon
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