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Oscars 2013: winners

The winners of the 85th Academy Awards are...

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Oscars 2013: red carpet men

Hollywood's most handsome leading men stride the red carpet

Oscars 2013: red carpet couples

Hollywood's biggest stars stride the red carpet

Oscars 2013: red carpet women

Hollywood's most glamorous leading ladies stride the red carpet

Top 10 films at the box office

The most popular films in UAE cinemas

Time Out’s Oscars predictions

Ahead of the Academy Awards on Sunday February 24, we guess the winners

Top 10 films at UAE box office

The highest grossing films at cinemas this week

Bruce Willis interview

57-year-old star talks fighting, working out and 'that' white vest

Sylvester Stallone interview

Hollywood superstar returns with all-out action flick Bullet to the Head

Top 10 box office films

Which films were top of the box office in the UAE this week?

10 top movies of the week

Which 10 films made the biggest impact on Dubai's box office?

Daniel Day-Lewis is Lincoln

Ocar-tipped actor on how he adapted for the Spielberg's presidential role

Top 10 films at UAE box office

Which film ws top of the cinema box office this week?

7 to try: Gangster movies

Samourais, mobsters and more great cinematic hoodlums

Top 10 films at UAE box office

Fantastic voyage stays on top at the cinemas

Snowflake, the White Gorilla

Spanish animation based on true story of the world's only white gorilla

The Last Stand

Arnie is back as sheriff on Texas-Mexico border

Hyde Park on Hudson

Bill Murray as US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Quentin Tarantino on Django Unchained

Cult US director talks talent, soundtracks and his love of action

Arnold is back: Schwarzenegger’s greatest hits

We celebrate Arnie's cinematic return in The Last Stand


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