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The history of Spider-Man on screen

Ahead of the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, we take a look at five decades of Spidey in celluloid

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Not OK, Computer

Cinema’s most memorable computer programmes with the potential to destroy the world

Behind the scenes with Rio 2

Director Carlos Saldanha tells us how to make it in kid's animation

UAE box office top ten

What were the most popular films at the UAE box office last week?

5 to see: Martian movies

The best Hollywood movies set on the Red Planet

Imogen Poots interview

Rising screen star on Need for Speed, A Long Way Down and more

UAE top ten box office

The films creating a storm at UAE turnstiles this week

Kermit the Frog speaks!

We interview the world's most famous frog about new Muppets movies

Why you should watch Factory Girl

Huge Egyptian director Mohammed Khan on his gritty new drama

Famous movie doppelgängers

Five films with a case of mistake identity or similar

UAE top ten box office

Liam Neeson takes on the Lego people in this week's box office chart

francOfilm film guide

What to see at the celebration of French language cinema at VOX Moe

Ralph Fiennes on Charles Dickens

Acting heavyweight on his new literary biopic The Invisible Woman

Five memorable movie heroines

Female action leads which have helped redefine cinema

French film festival in Dubai

francOfilm festival promises flicks from eight countries - all in French

The best car chase scenes ever

The most memorable white knuckle adrenaline rides on film

Arthouse cinema in Dubai

Dodge the multiplex and celebrate regional and indie filmmaking

UAE box office top ten

The Lego people take on Will Ferrell and Robocop at the turnstiles

Wes Anderson on The Grand Budapest Hotel

Acclaimed director talks about his offbeat new movie

Biggest movie battle scenes ever

Five of the most brutal and epic group combat scenes in celluloid


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