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The scariest screen monsters

Godzilla is back on screens. Can he beat these cinema beasts, though?

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Outdoor cinema in Dubai

Five places to watch movies under the stars

What's hot at the cinema

This week's UAE box office top ten

Cinema in Safa Park

Check out the free movie screenings in Safa Park, Dubai

New at the cinema this week

Nic Cage drama, Pierce Brosnan comedy and more movie highlights

Five movie reboots

We weigh the success of recent rebooted film franchises

Cinema's meanest monsters

Ahead of the new Godzilla movie, we look back at celluloid's scariest

Must-see summer movies

Thrills, spills, superheroes, sequels and more celluloid bliss

Andrew Garfield talks Spider-Man

Star talks about ahead of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Making Tracks with Mia Wasikowska

Star talks playing ‘camel lady’ Robyn Davidson’s famous 1977 trek through the Australian Outback

Children’s International Film Festival in Dubai

More than 80 movies from 35 countries screened at 'edutainment' event

The history of Spider-Man on screen

Ahead of the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, we take a look at five decades of Spidey in celluloid

Not OK, Computer

Cinema’s most memorable computer programmes with the potential to destroy the world

Behind the scenes with Rio 2

Director Carlos Saldanha tells us how to make it in kid's animation

UAE box office top ten

What were the most popular films at the UAE box office last week?

5 to see: Martian movies

The best Hollywood movies set on the Red Planet

Imogen Poots interview

Rising screen star on Need for Speed, A Long Way Down and more

UAE top ten box office

The films creating a storm at UAE turnstiles this week

Kermit the Frog speaks!

We interview the world's most famous frog about new Muppets movies

Why you should watch Factory Girl

Huge Egyptian director Mohammed Khan on his gritty new drama


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