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This week's new movies

Robots, apes take over our cinema screens

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8 to try: Kung fu movies

Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan Black

This week's new movies

Giant crocodiles and fast cars hot cinema screens in Dubai

Melissa McCarthy talks Tammy

Breakout Bridesmaids star on her latest comedy hit

The story behind Shifting Sands

Dubai filmmaker's captivating portrait of Goa's fishing trade

New at the cinema this week

This week's biggest releases reviewed and rated

The best movies of 2014 (so far)

Must see movies from the first half of the year

Nicolas Cage's best movies

There's more to this one-note scene-chewer than meets the eye

Why I can't stand animated films

Time Out ed on his beef with Disney, Pixar and co

The Muppets: Seven things you might not know

Kermit and co are back on screens - brush up your knowledge today

This week's new movie releases

Thrillers, fantasy, kids animation and more

July's biggest movie releases

We take a look ahead at the next month of cinema

Imogen Poots on The Long Way Down

2014's rising star on starring in Nick Hornby adaptation

The best movie partnerships on film

From Woody and Buzz to Marty and Doc Brown

Profile: The Scene Club

Dubai's largest purveyors of indie flicks is well worth checking out

This week's new movies

Five new flicks hitting UAE cinemas reviewed and rated

Hot films to get you through the summer

It’s no coincidence that some of the year’s best blockbusters are released when the outdoors is as hot as a blowtorch

8 to see: Musical biopics

Some top films depicting the highs and lows of being in a band

This week's new movie releases

The best new films to land in cinemas this week

Hollywood movies shot in the UAE

Memorable blockbusters filmed on location in the emirates


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