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Unmissable Christmas movies

Musicals, romance, animation and more festive films you need to see

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Eva Longoria in Dubai

Desperate Housewives actress on the DIFF 2014 red carpet

Shelter Red carpet

Fundraising group celebrated in style at the Madinat Jumeirah

IWC Filmmaker Awards

Cinema highlights at the Dubai International Film Festival

DIFF 2014 red carpet

See celebs in Dubai for Film Festival

Lord of the Rings in numbers

36 Oscar nominations, tall dwarfs, some precious and a whole lot of walking

Peter Jackson interview

The man behind the Middle Earth movies on the end of an era

2015 Oscars preview

15 films we think could win big at the 2015 Academy Awards

40 must-see films of 2015

Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Avengers and more cinema highlights of 2015

Best films of the Dubai International Film Festival

25 films you need to see at Dubai's star-studded movie festival

Free beach screenings at DIFF 2014

Enjoy the Dubai International Film Festival from the beach

Film’s new faces

New Arab film directors discuss their films and the IWC Filmmaker award

DIFF 2014 highlights for kids

Family red carpet movie premieres at the Dubai International Film Festival

Emily Blunt interview

Dubai Film Festival juror on Tom Cruise and shooting a musical

Michael Keaton on Birdman

25 years after playing Batman, Michael Keaton is back in superhero territory

Filming Star Wars in Abu Dhabi

Star Wars: Episode VII's trailer confirms the UAE as a major player in Hollywood blockbusters

Hadi El Bagoury interview

Egyptian film director on his found footage horror, Warda

10 to try: Alternative cinemas in Dubai

Luxury class, beachside, rooftop, on the lawn and more places to watch films in Dubai

Total Hollywood body transformations

Will Smith, Natalie Portman, Mickey Rourke and more body-altering actors on the big screen

Jason Bateman on Horrible Bosses 2

Actor and co-star Charlie Day on their dark comedy sequel


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