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Peyton Reed on Ant-Man

Marvel director Peyton Reed on the making of Ant-Man

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Jake Gyllenhaal Southpaw interview

Jake Gyllenhaal has reinvented himself again for Southpaw

John Green talks Paper Towns

The novelist talks about Cara Delevingne and working with friends on the new hit film

Everything you need to know about the new Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise and Co on why you should accept the latest instalment

Making Minions

What makes the yellow critters 100 percent irresistible

Terminator Genisys - celebrating Arnie

We celebrate one of the great action heroes as the latest installment hits our screens

Channing Tatum interview

Hollywood star on staying in shape, being lucky and his love of Benedict Cumberbatch

Sir Ian McKellan on Mr. Holmes

Brit actor on fame, ageing gracefully and playing Sherlock Holmes

Studio Ghibli tribute

Six must-see movies from brilliant Japanese animation studio

8 must-see teen flicks

Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller, Mean Girls, Clueless and more

UAE director Waleed Al Shehhi

Filmmaker talks about his first feature film, Dolphins

Paul Feig Spy interview

Spy director on Jason Statham’s silly streak and why women are funny

Welcome to Jurassic World

The dinosaurs are back for a fourth Jurassic Park movie. Get ready

Rebel Wilson on Pitch Perfect 2

Bridesmaids star and serial scene-stealer Rebel Wilson talks to Time Out

6 summer TV shows to watch

True Detectives, Hannibal, CSI, Penny Dreadful and more must see shows

Movie tour of Japan

Time Out Tokyo selects nine iconic Japanese movies to watch before you visit the country

Arab Indo Bollywood Awards in Dubai

Highlights from the Arab Indo Bollywood Awards ceremony on Saturday in Dubai

8 best Bollywood movies

Experts introduce the top Bollywood films to watch

Carey Mulligan interview

Brit starlet on Far from the Madding Crowd and other new projects

Khalil Gibran's The Prophet interview

The Lebanese poet's work has been re-imagined for the big screen


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