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Given the effect the first Twilight film had on teens, it’s appropriate that the sequel is a study of romantic obsession. When pallid, principled vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson) leaves town, his chaste girlfriend, Bella (Kristen Stewart), moons and mourns for months. The usual teen pursuits don’t interest her: she sneers at shopping and only opts for sport or cinema if they bring her closer to Edward. Then solace arrives in the bulging biceps of Jacob (Taylor Lautner), Bella’s childhood friend-turned-boy-hulk.

It’s not exactly a celebration of female independence, but New Moon still has an expert handle on its young audience. Near-kisses and sexual frustration abound. Boys become attractive yet also dangerous when they come of age – and the good ones keep the monsters in check. This time, the monsters aren’t merely vampires, but werewolves: spectacular CG creatures that snarl and pounce their way through several enjoyable action sequences, then transform back into buff, topless young studs… Yep, New Moon knows what it’s doing.

Plot-wise it’s a slow starter, but gains momentum when Bella develops a taste for adrenaline in the hope of catching a glimpse of her vampire protector. Motorbike rides and deathly dives follow, along with a scenic race to Italy to meet uber-vampire Michael Sheen (always a pleasure). Welcome comedy comes from Bella’s schoolmates, notably Jessica (Anna Kendrick), who wearily deconstructs the symbolism in zombie movies while bemoaning the lack of hot guys. Is this New Moon defending its fanbase and pre-empting criticism about its transparent agenda? Natalie and Bella are intelligent young women, yet ruled by their hormones – plenty of room for audience identification there.

New Moon is little more than a skilful soap opera, but it’s still enjoyable escapism – even if you’re old and wise enough to see straight through it.

By Anna Smith
Time Out Dubai,

Twilight: New Moon

  • Duration: 130
  • Released: Thu, 26 Nov
  • Classification: PG15
  • Language: English
  • Website
  • Director: Chris Weitz
  • Stars: Kristen Stewart, Christina Jastrzembska, Robert Pattinson, Billy Burke, Anna Kendrick, Michael Welch, Justin Chon, Christian Serratos, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone

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