7 Best for serious swimmers
Dubai Men’s College and Dubai Women’s College: Both of these colleges offer lane pools, and both are segregated so you’ll suffer no distractions while working on your front crawl. The men’s college has one of the only Olympic-sized (50-metre) pools in Dubai, but it’s not for morning swimmers – bizarrely, it doesn’t open ’til 1pm. It’s outdoors, but it’s shaded and the water temperature is well controlled. The women’s college pool is indoors and half the size of the men’s, but at 25 metres is still decent for laps.
Dubai Men’s College, Dubai Academic City (04 403 8637). Swimming membership is Dhs300 per month or Dhs50 per visit. Open daily 1pm to 10pm. Dubai Women’s College, Al Nahda area near Al Qusais (04 208 9656). Membership is Dhs540 for the first three months, then Dhs180 monthly. Open daily 8am-8pm.