Antumalal, Pucón, Chile: In 1945 Czech immigrants Guillermo and Catalina Pollack commissioned renowned Chilean architect Jorge Elton to build them a hotel between Lago Villarrica and the eponymous volcano. Elton was a fan of Bauhaus, and his creation, Antumalal – ‘corral of the sun’ in the native Mapuche tongue – is a perfect illustration of the harmony of form, natural environment and function. The 22-room hotel is in the heart of the Chilean lake district (and therefore popular with travellers looking to hike, undertake treks on horseback or ski) and behind the cool exterior are the essentials of a log cabin: each of the bedrooms is panelled in wood and stone and is made cosy by an open fire. Floorto- ceiling windows overlook the lake and the hotel’s well-kempt lawns. Guests have included Queen Elizabeth II and Neil Armstrong.
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