Currency conversions in Damascus
All the great Arabian cities have souks, but few can compare with those at Damascus and Aleppo. The former is a maze of alleys and courtyards that all lead to a grand arcaded thoroughfare full of artisan perfumers, veil and headdress boutiques, wedding shops, coffee bean traders, jewellers – you name it. Be sure to pause for rest at famed ice-cream parlour Bakdash. Aleppo’s souk is, if anything, even more impressive, and the network of alleys and arcades goes on for an amazing 14 kilometres. Haggle hard and you’ll come away with quality Persian carpets, olive oil soaps and antiques – all at bargain prices – and a great fridge-magnet of president Bashar Al Assad. Unlike in Moroccan cities and Cairo, Syrian shopkeepers do not hassle passers-by.