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Posted by: Andres on 30 Mar ' 11 at 08:30

Seems a tad bit biased that none of your choices for Dubai’s “best dishes” of 2010 featured any Italian, African, Thai, or Chinese cuisine: it would be interesting to see how if your so called “experts” would rise to the challenge of writing a review for 2011, without resorting to the incessant need to favour “British inclined” meals only, and truly introduce TimeOut readers to the plethora of delectable cuisines Dubai has to offer!

Posted by: david on 20 Feb ' 11 at 16:19

Palate Vs Palette is an ubiquitous mistake but food critics should really know the difference between one and the other.....

Posted by: Kim on 13 Feb ' 11 at 09:22

Cheaper than 14Dhs for all that?

Posted by: Debbie on 08 Feb ' 11 at 14:11

Tried this dish, and my pertner had a fillet steak, and dont agree with your critique I'm afraid. There are lots of good/better restuarants in Dubai and at cheaper prices!,

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