Nezesaussi's Aussie Rules Mag-Pie
Pie size: Pretty impressive. The main belly of the pie is deep and portly, and the huge puff-pastry lid adds plenty of height.

Filling: The thick, meaty gravy is flavourful, nicely seasoned and perfect for dunking, and conceals plenty of juicy chunks of succulent wagyu beef.

Pastry: The flaky puff-pastry lid is impossible to eat without scattering crumbs every which way, but it's well worth the mess.

Accompanying dishes:
We're a bit disappointed that the pie is served with a side salad by default, instead of a bowl of fries, but the chef has actually done us a favour: it would be a struggle to eat any more carbs. The salad is fresh and nicely dressed.

If this pie were a person, it would be… Crocodile Dundee: meaty, rugged and guaranteed to defeat even the hungriest opponent.
Dhs65. Al Manzil Hotel, Downtown Burj Khalifa (04 428 5888)