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Posted by: Susan on 08 Apr ' 11 at 09:31

Thank you for this nice picture gallery – wonderful!

When I see all this beautiful and nice dressed ladies, I am asking me how the judge of the Jaguar Style Stake could chose this year a boring and unimpressive dressed lady for “best dressed lady”. I think for the most expensive horse race – and for a horse race that also will be the most glamorous horse race in the world, it’s a very bad figurehead. – Dear jury, your job was it to choose the best dressed lady at a horse race – H O R S E RACE!! , and not dressed for a ladies dinner!!!!!

Perhaps next year they should forget for a day the pictures from their fashion magazines! It’s horse race and we will see stunning feather hats and elegant dresses like in this picture gallery!
I am sure, I am not the only one who is thinking this. - A lot of people at the field were very disappointed + unappreciative!

Posted by: Princess Ameera on 27 Mar ' 11 at 14:52

Beautiful ..:)

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