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Posted by: Mimi on 06 Apr ' 11 at 18:23

Just click on the name of the restaurant and you will find the location, phone number and whatever else you need.

Posted by: Roxanne on 03 Apr ' 11 at 11:24

All your '10 to try...' collections are very informative but they could be helpful to a reader only if you add the location. A restaurant review without a location is plain dumb! We readers are fishing in the dark!

Posted by: Manfred Man on 02 Apr ' 11 at 07:36

You are right on this one. Al Hallab is the best Lebanese restaurant in Dubai. I've been eating there for 15 years and I have always been impressed with most of their dishes, cleanliness and good service. Above all, their prices are reasonable and they don't try to over-charge like many other Lebanese restaurants. Excellent choice!

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