British dance act Faithless performed their last ever international gig on Friday in front of a sell-out crowd at Nasimi. They followed a strong line-up, with Goldfish and Smokingroove proving to be crowd pleasers, but most were there to see Maxi Jazz, Sister Bliss and Rollo perform some of their seminal dance anthems of the ’90s. They didn’t disappoint, with early renditions of ‘God is a DJ’ and ‘Insomnia’, alongside tracks from the 2010 album The Dance. The high point was the slow build of ‘Salva Mea’, the debut single that launched Faithless on the scene in 1995. All in all it was a strong performance, wrapped up with a hand-on-heart farewell to their fans, but we couldn’t help but feel they were saving themselves for the grand finale this weekend in Brixton, UK.