Blue Rain: Blue Rain is perhaps the most austere Thai restaurant you’ll find in Dubai – its layout is almost corridor-like, with high ceilings, whitewashed walls and black marble flooring. It can almost felt strange eating cuisine of such colourful content in such a minimalist setting. The venue’s lack of clutter is compensated for by the staff, who ply guests with welcome drinks, finger food and recommendations. The som tam – a green papaya salad with crispy catfish, and a tom yam soup – is a sufficiently spicy starter. For mains, the phad kaprao (stir-fried seafood) will entertain with succulent morsels of seafood at every bite and the wagyu panang nua (beef curry) is worth a go. You’ll have a satisfactory meal at a sleek venue of you try Blue Rain.
Call 04 372 2222 for more information.